What is adjacent?

What Adjacent means?

1a: not distant: nearby the city and adjacent suburbs. b: having a common endpoint or border adjacent lots adjacent sides of a triangle. c: immediately preceding or following. 2 of two angles: having the vertex and one side in common.

What is an example of adjacent?

The definition of adjacent is next to or nearby. An example of adjacent is two houses that are next to one another.

What are adjacent areas?

Adjacent means close to or near something. You may consider the people up and down your street to be neighbors, but your next-door neighbor is the person who lives in the house or apartment adjacent to yours. Adjacent can refer to two things that touch each other or have the same wall or border.

Does adjacent mean side by side?

Adjacent means side-by-side.

What way is adjacent?

In a right triangle, the hypotenuse is the longest side, an “opposite” side is the one across from a given angle, and an “adjacent” side is next to a given angle.

What does adjacent look like?

Two angles are Adjacent when they have a common side and a common vertex (corner point) and don’t overlap. they have a common vertex (point B)

What is another word for adjacent?

What is another word for adjacent?

adjoining abutting
by close by
conterminous contiguous
flanking flush
fringing juxtaposed

Is adjacent the same as parallel?

As adjectives the difference between adjacent and parallel

is that adjacent is lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on while parallel is equally distant from one another at all points.

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What is adjacent Angel?

Adjacent angles are two angles that have a common vertex and a common side but do not overlap. In the figure, ∠1 and ∠2 are adjacent angles. They share the same vertex and the same common side. In the figure, ∠1 and ∠3 are non-adjacent angles. They share a common vertex, but not a common side.

Is across the street adjacent?

Adjacent Properties means the dwelling units located to the sides, rear, front, including across the street, above and below, the dwelling unit in which the Incidental Transient Occupancy is located.

What does directly adjacent mean?

Directly Adjacent means next to, adjoining or sharing a common border or boundary.

Is diagonal adjacent?

As adjectives the difference between adjacent and diagonal

is that adjacent is lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on while diagonal is (geometry) joining two nonadjacent vertices (of a polygon or polyhedron).

What are adjacent sides examples?

Adjacent sides are sides of a polygon that have a common vertex.

What is an adjacent value?

The value nearest to but still inside an inner fence.

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