What is a nook?

What is nook in a house?

A small corner, alcove, or recess, especially one in a large room. The definition of a nook is a part of a room which is separate from the rest of the room, or a secluded spot. An example of a nook is a closed-in space for eating breakfast, a “breakfast nook.” An example of a nook is a quiet place for reading.

What is another word for Nook?

What is another word for nook?

niche alcove
corner cranny
crevice inglenook
cubbyhole opening
bay hollow

What is a cranny definition?

1: a small break or slit: crevice.

What is a nook and cranny?

1)A “nook” is a corner or a small, partially enclosed area of a larger room. A “cranny” is a crack or a crevice. 2)A nook is a sheltered and secluded place. 3)A nook is a recess esp. one offering seclusion or security.

What can you do with an empty nook?

There are many ways to fill in empty corners: you can build some corner shelves for extra storage, place a plant there to add life and color or add a corner desk, where you can set a lamp and books or papers, so you’ll be ready to look at them when the time comes.

What can I do with a Windows Nook?

A window nook offers the perfect spot to lounge, read a book, relax or maybe even take a nap! Basically, a window seat will help help you to add life to an otherwise unusable space. Effectively using a window seat would be integrating one in a passageway, such as on a staircase landing.

What is a hideaway?

noun. a place to which a person can retreat for safety, privacy, relaxation, or seclusion; refuge: His hideaway is in the mountains.

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What is a Snuggery?

chiefly British.: a snug cozy place especially: a small room.

What does alcove mean?

1a: a small recessed section of a room: nook.

How do I get all the nook and cranny?

How to unlock the Every Nook and Cranny achievement

  1. You must take every item from every room. If a room has no items in it you must at least enter the room.
  2. Check your map. If there is a room in red, there is still an item in that room to find.
  3. Doorways appear in 3 colors: red, green and blue.

Is every nook and cranny an idiom?

Every nook and cranny is an idiom that means everywhere, in all possible places, in every part and every area. The idiom every nook and cranny has been in use since the 1400s. Here, nook means a tiny, hidden place.

Does Thomas still make nooks and crannies bagels?

ThomasNooks & Crannies Bagels are irresistibly crunchy and satisfyingly delicious with Nooks & Crannies goodness to hold all your favorite toppings.

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