Readers ask: What is a duff?

What is a duff in slang?

What does duff mean? Standing for designated ugly fat friend, duff is a rude, though often humorous term people use for that one friend who makes you look better.

What is the duff of a group?

Okay, for those not in the know or hip with pop culture, the acronym DUFF stands for “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” Yep, this is the friend that is called up when someone wants to look good or have company doing something that they are too proud or too chicken to do on their own.

Is the duff a real thing?

What it’s actually like to be the designated ugly fat friend. DUFF: designated ugly fat friend. The fact remains, in the real world, “the DUFF” is a very real thing, you either have one, you know one, or you are one.

What does get off your duff mean?

Get moving, become active. This slangy idiom uses duff in the sense of buttocks, a usage dating from about 1840 and at that time considered impolite.

What is Duff a nickname for?

Duff Origin and Meaning

In Scotland, it was originally a nickname for someone with dark hair or a swarthy complexion. Duff (born Michael) McKagan gained fame as a member of Guns ‘N’ Roses.

Is up the duff rude?

Up the duff‘ is a euphemism for pregnant. It is used most commonly, although not exclusively, to describe unplanned pregnancy.

Is the Duff appropriate for 11 year olds?

This movie has a good message to be yourself, but a lot of swearing and sexual content. All and all this movie is not for kids 14 and under.

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What does sitting on your duff mean?

The context in which this phrase is used is “Get off your duff and do something about your situation.” Duff has been used to mean buttocks, backside, ass, from no later than 1837 and probably much earlier. The OED offers the suggestion that it might be related to a particular dough-pudding, that is, “a.

Is the Duff on Hulu or Netflix?

Watch The Duff Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Are you a duff?

You either know one, have one, or you are one. Not to sound all mean-girl, but the DUFF does exist. For those of you who don’t know, DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

Does every friend group have a Duff?

Everyone is a duff in their own way, even if your the pretty, the smart, or the athletic person in the group. And it doesn’t have to stand for the ugly fat friend. A Duff is a Dynamic. Unique.

What does Duff stand for in statistics?

DUFF stands for “Designated Ugly Fat Friend“.

What does Duff mean in England?

If you describe something as duff, you mean it is useless, broken, or of poor quality. [British, informal, disapproval]

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