Quick Answer: What is cr?

Whats does CR mean?

In accounting, cr. is the abbreviation for credit. In accounting and in bookkeeping, credit or cr. indicates an entry on the right side of a general ledger account. Credit entries will increase the credit balances that are typical for liability, revenues, and stockholders’ equity accounts.

What is a CR in medical terms?

CR. complete remission (complete response)

What is CR information technology?

Computer Resources. CR. Candidate Recommendation (various organizations) CR. Common Room.

What is the full from of CR?

CRComplete remission / complete response. CR – Computerized Radiography. CR – Conversion Ratio. CR – Cardinal Ratings. CR – Corona Resistant.

Does CR mean I owe money?

What does CR mean on my bill? CR represents a credit on your bill. Any overpayment or credit on your account will be deducted from the balance on your next bill when it’s produced.

What does CR means in bank account?

The terms debit (DR) and credit (CR) have Latin roots: debit comes from the word debitum, meaningwhat is due,” and credit comes from creditum, meaning “something entrusted to another or a loan.” An increase in liabilities or shareholders’ equity is a credit to the account, notated as “CR.”

What is CR failure?

Failure of CR was defined as inability to walk sufficiently to achieve target heart rate.

What is CR number?

CR Number means Commercial Registration Number of the Company.

What does CR stand for in labs?

Test Abbreviations and Acronyms

A1A Alpha-1 Antitrypsin
Cr Creatinine
CRCL, CrCl Creatinine Clearance
CRD Cord Type and DAT
CREAT Creatinine
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What does CR mean in shifting?

As a quick summary, “shifting” is a term now used to describe the act of moving one’s consciousness from this current reality (CR) to one’s desired reality (DR).

What does CR stand for in law?

CR stands for criminal. CV stands for civil. It’s just a way for the court of appeals to look at the case number and know whether it’s a criminal case or a civil case 0 found this answer helpful helpful votes | 1 lawyer agrees.

What does CR stand for Honda?

C R on the Honda stands for competition racer.

What is the full form of NCR?

National Capital Region (India)

National Capital Region NCR
Country India
States Haryana Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan
Union territory Delhi
Created 1985

What is full form of CIR?


Definition : Committed Information Rate
Category : Computing » Networking
Country/ Region : Worldwide
Popularity :

What does CR mean wow?

CR is current rating.

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