Question: What is a gaylord?

Why do they call it a Gaylord?

Traditionally, Gaylord boxes are large or bulk size and allow for the shipment of products in a large, single container or on a pallet. The term Gaylord is a trade name for this type of box since the first bulk bins that were manufactured in North American were by the Gaylord Container Company; thus, the name.

Is the word Gaylord offensive?

Used as a disparaging term for a gay man. Used as a disparaging term for a foolish or inept man or boy.

How big is a Gaylord?

48 x 40 x 36” Standard Gaylord Size

48 x 40 x 36” is the standard size gaylord box. These are typically octagonal and have three to five walls. These boxes are by far the most common, and 500-550 can fit on a single trailer depending on how the boxes are palletized.

What does a Gaylord look like?

Gaylord was originally a trade name for a bulk-size corrugated box. You have probably seen a Gaylord box in your local grocery or big box store. They are big corrugated boxes attached to wood pallets. These corrugated containers usually hold a bagged product or fresh produce like watermelons.

Is Gaylord a common name?

Gaylord has reach the top 10 most popular boys name 2 times, and has reached the top hundred names 2 times. Gaylord has been used in the United States ever since 1882, with over 6091 boys given the name in the past 200 years. Gaylord gained the most popularity as a baby name in 1931, when it’s usage went up by 132.65%.

How much does a Gaylord weigh?

48 x 40 x 36″ Double Wall Gaylord Box with Lid

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200# Single Wall 65 lbs 40 lbs
275# Single Wall 95 lbs 65 lbs
350# Single Wall 120 lbs 80 lbs
200# Double Wall 80 lbs 60 lbs

What’s wrong with the name Gaylord?

Because words and meanings change over time, and the name Gaylord has not been popular since the 1960s as the meaning of the word “gay” has changed from its original meaning of “joyful.” The nameGaylord” lost its popularity once it became a term for homosexuality.

How do you pronounce Gaylord?

Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of ‘gaylord‘:

  1. Break ‘gaylord‘ down into sounds: [GAY] + [LAWD] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.
  2. Record yourself saying ‘gaylord‘ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

How many people are named Gaylord in the US?

National Statistics

GAYLORD is ranked as the 2368th most popular given name in the United States with an estimated population of 8,089. This name is in the 99th percentile, this means that nearly 1% of all the first names are more popular. There are 2.54 people named GAYLORD for every 100,000 Americans.

What is a Gaylord bottom?

Gaylord Boxes and Craton Boxes are large, heavy-duty cardboard boxes. They are an affordable, expendable solution to one-way shipments of consumable products. Gaylord boxes can be used to hold raw plastic resin, scrap pieces, regrind pellets, component parts, and many other items.

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How many cubic feet is a Gaylord box?

Qty. Savings

True Color: Brown Capacity (lbs.): 100
Width in Inches: 40 Capacity (cubic feet): 40
Box Shape: Rectangle Corrugate Wall: Double Wall
2-Part Box Type: Gaylord Bottom Box Height: 36
Corrugate Length (Inches): Greater than 29″ Corrugate Width (Inches): Greater than 29″

How much does a pallet weigh?

A standard pallet can hold up to 4,600 lbs. How much does a standard pallet weigh? Pallet weight may vary but in generals, standard pallets weigh between 30-48 lbs.

How much is a Gaylord of books?

Price per 900 to 1100 books packed in a Gaylord box on a pallet, is $350, f.o.b. Cleveland, Ohio.

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