Often asked: What is an equivalent fraction?

What is equivalent fraction with example?

Equivalent fractions are the fractions that have different numerator and denominator but are equal to the same value. For example, 2/4 and 3/6 both are equal to ½. Hence, they are equivalent in nature. These fractions represent the same proportion of the whole.

How do you explain equivalent fractions?

Equivalent fractions are two or more fractions that are all equal. A fraction is a part of a whole: the denominator (bottom number) represents how many equal parts the whole is split into; the numerator (top number) represents the amount of those parts.

What are three fractions that are equivalent?

Equivalent fractions are different fractions that have the same value. The equivalent fractions of a given fraction are those fractions, whose numerators and denominators are in the same ratio as that of the original fraction. Example: 1/3, 2/6, 3/9, 4/12..are equivalent fractions.

What is 3/5 equivalent to as a fraction?

Write three equivalent fraction of 3/5. Therefore, equivalent fractions of 3/5 are 6/10, 9/15 and 12/20.

What is the fraction 3/4 equivalent to?

Decimal and Fraction Conversion

Fraction Equivalent Fractions
2/3 4/6 8/12
1/4 2/8 4/16
3/4 6/8 12/16
1/5 2/10 4/20

What is 1/4 equivalent to as a fraction?

Fractions equivalent to 1/4 are 2/8, 3/12, 4/16, 5/20, Fractions equivalent to 1/5 are 2/10, 3/15, 4/20, 5/25,

What is equivalent in math?

The term “equivalent” in math refers to two values, numbers or quantities which are the same. The equivalence of two such quantities is denoted by a bar over an equal sign.

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Which of these fraction is equal to 1?

We also know that when you have the same numerator and denominator in a fraction, it always equals 1. For example: So as long as we multiply or divide both the top and the bottom of a fraction by the same number, it’s just the same as multiplying or dividing by 1 and we won’t change the value of the fraction.

What is the equivalent of 3 9?

Equivalent Fractions Chart

Fraction Equivalent Fractions
1/3 2/6 3/9
2/3 4/6 6/9
1/4 2/8 3/12
3/4 6/8 9/12

What fraction is equal to 75% of a 1 2?

Another quick way is to just multiply 1/2 by 3/4 (since you know 3/4 equals 75% {think 75/100 reduced is 3/4}) and you get 3/8 as well.

What is the equivalent fraction to 9 12?

So we know that 3/4 is equivalent to 9/12, because 3×12=36 and 4×9=36. A simple way to look at how to check for equivalent fractions is to do what is called “cross-multiply”, which means multiple the numerator of one fraction by the denominator of the other fraction.

What is 1 3 equal to as a fraction?

Fractions equivalent to 1/3 are 2/6, 3/9, 4/12, 5/15, Fractions equivalent to 1/4 are 2/8, 3/12, 4/16, 5/20,

What is equivalent calculator?

Equivalent Expression Calculator is a free online tool that displays the equivalent expressions for the given algebraic expression. BYJU’S online equivalent expression calculator tool makes the calculations and simplification faster and it displays the equivalent expression in a fraction of seconds.

Which of the following is not an equivalent fraction of 3 5?

the answer as 3/5 for everything except 12/20, which will be 6/5. Hope it helps!

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