How To Turn On Drag Vape?


  1. It is the Drag S, a brand new, cutting edge pod vape kit from the prestigious Voopoo company.
  2. To turn the Drag S on or off, press the fire button five times quickly.
  3. – To turn on or off, press the fire button five times.

Why is my voopoo drag X not firing when I press the button?

The most common reason why your VOOPOO DRAG X does not fire when you press the button is because it has been locked in some way. Your gadget may be locked and unlocked by simply pressing the fire button five times in quick succession on your keyboard. A locked configuration is used to package the Voopoo DRAG X, which helps prevent it from unintentionally turning on during shipping.

How does a vape device work?

With vaping devices, the force of your inhale is used to draw e-liquid to the heating coils where it is mixed with the vapour. If you pull on the device for an extended period of time and with force, it is conceivable that some e-liquid will be drawn into the airflow chambers. Drags that are slow and extended are advised for all forms of vaping.

How do I use the vape mod?

After allowing it to stand for around five minutes, you may begin using the gadget. With the revolutionary variable airflow mechanism, you may have a more satisfying vaping experience by sliding the button at the top of the mod. -Puffs in a day: Keep track of how many puffs you take in a day, and the counter will be reset to zero the next day.

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Do the drags work well?

After more than a year of use, my drags continue to function normally; however, I have never updated the firmware.Some users have stated that they experienced the same difficulties as you, but that they were resolved by flashing or upgrading the drags’ firmware.Download the installer from the voopoo page if you haven’t already done so, and the most recent update for the drag from the voopoo page.

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