FAQ: What is burgoo?

What is burgoo made of?

A typical burgoo is a combination of meats and vegetables: Common meats are pork, chicken, mutton or beef, often hickory-smoked, but other meats are seen occasionally. Common vegetables are lima beans, corn, okra, tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes.

What does burgoo mean?

1: oatmeal gruel. 2: hardtack and molasses cooked together. 3a: a stew or thick soup of meat and vegetables originally served at outdoor gatherings.

What is the difference between burgoo and Brunswick stew?

Burgoo (ber-GOO), native to Kentucky, is a thick stew flavored with chicken, vegetables, and mutton (lamb aged more than two years). In contrast, Brunswick stew contains no mutton. Seasoned with barbecue pork, chicken, and sometimes ground beef, Georgia’s stew is more tomatoey than Virginia’s.

Where did burgoo come from?

Some believe it was brought over from England in the late 19th century, while others claim it was created by French chef Gustave Jaubert. Traditionally cooked for hours in large kettles, preparation of burgoo began as a community affair where everyone would contribute the bounty of the season and the kill of the day.

Who invented burgoo?

Some say it was invented by a Frenchman named Gus Jaubert during the Civil War, made with whatever gamey meat, like squirrel and foul, he could scrounge up as a meal for soldiers. Others say it was the invention of freed slaves, who would make big batches of burgoo for livestock sales.

What is the famous food in Kentucky?

7 Famous Foods of Kentucky

  • Burgoo. This Kentucky staple has been described as a “midway between a hearty soup and a stew.” The filling (and often spicy) dish can include chicken, pork or mutton.
  • Hot Brown. Starved?
  • Derby Pie.
  • Louisville style chili.
  • Bourbon balls.
  • Henry Bain sauce.
  • Barbecue.
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What food is Louisville Kentucky known for?

The 7 most iconic dishes & drinks in Louisville (and where to get them)

  • Hot Brown. The Brown Hotel (address and info)
  • Derby-Pie. Kern’s Kitchen (address and info)
  • Burgoo. Mark’s Feed Store (address and info)
  • Benedictine spread. Jackknife Cafe (address and info)
  • Fried chicken. Harvest (address and info)
  • Cheeseburgers.
  • Bourbon.

Why is Brunswick stew called Brunswick stew?

Creed Hoskins and friends were hunting in Brunswick County, his African-American camp cook, Jimmy Matthews, went hunting for squirrels for stew. As the historical marker in the county reads, ‘Matthews simmered them with butter, onions, stale bread and seasoning, thus creating the dish known as Brunswick stew. ‘”

What makes Brunswick stew unique?

Brunswick stew is a tomato-based stew generally involving local beans, vegetables, and originally small game meat such as squirrel or rabbit, though today often chicken. The origin of the stew is unknown.

Is Brunswick stew Southern?

Brunswick stew is traditional fall stew in the Southern United States. It is considered survival cuisine or hunters stew among earlier settlers in the Southern Appalachians. Fresh game and any local ingredients they have on hand were adapted to use in this stew.

What is mulligan stew made of?

Mulligan stew is a family friendly easy stew made with tender stew meat, potatoes, corn, carrots, peas, green beans and a perfect blend of Italian spices. This delectable stew is easily made in a Dutch oven but can be adapted for a slow cooker.

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