Why was the santa fe trail important?

What effect did New trails have on New Mexico?

Military forts along the Trail provided the backing and support of the US Government, and subdued and relocated the native peoples of the Plains and the Southwest. Great caravans of freight wagons loaded with trade goods generated $5 million in 1855, and by 1866 over 5,000 wagons carried $40 million worth of goods.

Where did Oregon Trail and Santa Fe Trail take people why were these trails important?

The immigrants began to settle North America and the region west of Great Plains. After the Mexican and American war in 1849 mass immigration started again. Two major wagon networks that were famous among the migrants were the Oregon Trail and Santa Fe trail. The Santa Fe trail was the southern trail.

What gave the United States more control over the Santa Fe Trail?

The French explorer Pedro Vial pioneered the route in 1792, and French traders from St. Louis gained a fur trading monopoly from the Spanish in Santa Fe. Other Americans improved and publicized the Santa Fe Trail as of 1822, in order to take advantage of new trade opportunities with Mexico.

How did the Santa Fe Trail benefit the New Mexico territory?

How did the Santa Fe trail benefit the New Mexico Territory? The trail allowed settlers an access to New Mexico that was less dangerous as the previous trails. The trail helped to boost trade with the US, therefore boosting the economy. I️t was useful for traders and the military.

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What were the dangers of the Santa Fe Trail?

While some travelers made the trip without incident, the unforgiving climate, illness, mechanical failures, starvation, dehydration, and the potential for violent encounters created an array of challenges to prepare for and overcome. While some struck it rich, others lost their fortunes, their health, or their lives.

Why did Traders stop using the Santa Fe Trail?

In 1866, just a year after the Civil War ended, an unprecedented period of railroad expansion began in the new state of Kansas. Because the Santa Fe Trail hauled primarily commercial goods, this railroad expansion meant that the trading caravans needed to traverse increasingly short distances.

What was the most famous trail west?

The Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail was the most famous, the most traveled, and the longest of the trails that stretched across the American West.

Can you walk the Oregon Trail?

Hiking Gear

But most stretches of the trail can still be traversed by foot, including sections under the auspices of the National Park Service. Some stretches of the trail are in state parks, such as Three Islands State Park in Idaho, where pioneers crossed the Snake River.

Can you drive the Santa Fe Trail?

You can reach most trail sites by auto or bicycle, or on foot. Some sites are along unpaved roads. A family of road signs has been initiated across the Santa Fe Trail to help you find original routes, trail crossings, and local sites.

Why did Native Americans increase their attacks on traders along the Santa Fe Trail after the Mexican War?

They resented the loss of their land to Texas settlers. Explanation: Traders on the Santa Fe Trail commonly left for Santa Fe in May, when the grass was sufficiently high to manage the cost of scavenge for their creatures and they touched base in July of that year.

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Who is the father of the Santa Fe Trail?

William Becknell (1787 or 1788 – April 30, 1865) was an American soldier, politician, and freight operator who is credited by Americans with opening the Santa Fe Trail in 1821.

What did they eat on the Santa Fe Trail?

For Western Indian tribes, food staples included cornmeal, sunflower-seed meal, acorns, and deer, buffalo and dog, he says. Indian delicacies included buffalo hide shavings cooked with chokecherries.

What goods sold best at the end of the Santa Fe Trail?

For people who have to watch ads the answer is C. Dry goods, contraband, and military supplies.

What states did the Santa Fe Trail go through?

The Trail crosses five States- Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. In 1821, Mexico gained its independence from Spain’s 200 years of control and unlocked a great gateway to the West– the Santa Fe Trail.

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