Why Is My Vape Gurgling?

Both sub-ohm tanks and pod systems have the potential to cause gurgling. When this occurs, it is due to an accumulation of e-liquid in the tank’s air passage — either in the intake vents or, more frequently, in the chimney coming out of the tank. When you vape, the e-liquid obstructs airflow, resulting in the tank bubbling up.

Why is my e-cigarette gurgling and spitting?

It sounds like my e-cigarette is gurgling and spewing. When an e-cigarette is ignited, it is natural for it to emit popping and whistling sounds. However, excessive gurgling and spitting is often indicative of a flooded coil.

Why does my e-liquid keep gurgling?

If you don’t thoroughly dry the device, you may notice that it starts gurgling again pretty rapidly due to the little air channel that makes it tough to properly blow out all of the e-liquid.

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