What Does Power Lock Mean On A Vape?

It is equipped with a 5-click lock mechanism to avoid unintentional misfires while your device is being kept safe. To lock or unlock the device, press and hold the primary fire button 5 times in rapid succession for a total of 15 seconds. By navigating through the menu system, you may turn your smartphone off to save battery life on the go.

How do I unlock the lock button on my vape?

In order to use the button lock feature, keep pushing the up-arrow button and down-arrow button simultaneously for 2 seconds while the battery is still charged.After that, the buttons will be locked and the screen will display ″Lock.″ Continue to press the buttons simultaneously for another 2 seconds to unlock them, and the screen will display ″Unlock.″ What is the cause of my vape not working?

Why does my vape pen have a lock button?

The lock position serves to prevent the battery from turning on while the vehicle is being driven or transported. When carrying your pen in a handbag or bag, this is also a crucial element to consider. Test the vape to verify if the pen is locked or unlocked once you have received your vaporizer. This may be accomplished simply tapping the button once.

What is power locked mode and how to use it?

When you press and hold both the up and down buttons for two seconds, the device will enter Power Locked mode and remain there for two seconds. The mod will continue to function correctly in this mode, but you will not be able to adjust the power setting at any point.

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How do you turn off lock on eleaf vape?

Using the Fire button, lock (and unlock) the NX75 is as simple as pressing it five times. When the device is locked, press and hold the Fire button for three seconds to totally turn it off. Unlocking it and turning it back on are the same process — five presses of the Fire button. When using an Eleaf vape, how do you turn off the key lock?

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