Often asked: Why is he called soldier 76?

What is Soldier 76 name?

In a new short story titled “Bastet,” Blizzard Entertainment confirms that Soldier: 76 (aka Jack Morrison) is the second LGBTQ character in the Overwatch universe.

Who is Soldier 76 boyfriend?

There’s a new Overwatch lore story that suggests Soldier 76 once had a boyfriend named Vincent. The story, titled “Bastet,” includes a scene in which Ana and Soldier 76 (one of the best characters for new players, btw) take a moment to reminisce.

Is Soldier 76 a dad?

Most Overwatch characters are not related to each other, but as far as the community is concerned? The roster might as well be a big ‘ol family. Soldier 76, with his grumpy gruffness and ample experience in the field, is of course the dad.

Where is Soldier 76 from?

Soldier: 76
Nationality American
Occupation Soldier (formerly) Overwatch commander (formerly) Vigilante
Base Bloomington, Indiana, United States (birth place) (formerly) Unknown
Affiliation United States military (formerly) Overwatch (formerly)

Is Soldier 76 still good?

The thing is, Soldier 76 is almost terrible against shields, and with Rein being pushed away in favor of Orisa, it’s not looking good for the character. Agreed Soldier can do well against multi DPS comps. But against comps with 2 supports, he is only good if the supports are Mercy and Zen.

Is symmetra autistic?

Symmetra is written as an autistic character. Her dialogue reflects a desire for order and aversion for overstimulation. The character is voiced by Anjali Bhimani, an Indian-American actor who has appeared in television episodes including that of Modern Family.

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How did Hanzo kill Genji?

Upon his father’s death, the clan elders instructed Hanzo to straighten out his younger brother Genji who was following a carefree, playboy lifestyle. When Genji refused, the clan elders forced Hanzo to kill him. The act of killing his brother broke Hanzo’s heart and drove him to abandon the clan.

Are Reaper and soldier 76 brothers?

Separated from their families Soldier and Reaper could only turn to each other for comfort. I have a feeling Reaper is not much into action comedies… And I’m pretty sure Soldier 76 doesn’t even watch TV or movies. Yes, they are brother-husbands of Orisa.

How old is Junkrat?

Age 25
Nationality Australian
Occupation Anarchist, Thief, Demolitionist, Mercenary, Scavenger
Base Junkertown, Australia (formerly)

Who is Genji’s girlfriend?

The episode of spirit possession itself (mono no ke) is extremely controversial and brings to the fore two female characters in the tale: Aoi (Genji’s wife) and Lady Rokujō (Genji’s mistress).

Is Soldier 76 a queer?

The first two characters you meet when you play Overwatch are Soldier: 76 and Tracer – and now both of them have been revealed as LGBT. Soldier: 76 is the latest to have been confirmed as gay in a short story by Michael Chu, the lead writer for the online game.

Who is Soldier 76 daughter?

Alejandra is a teenage girl who appears as a main character in the animated short Hero.

How old is D va?

Real Name Hana Song (송하나)
Age 19
Nationality Korean
Occupation Professional gamer (formerly) Mech Pilot Actress
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What’s Sombras real name?

Her real name is Olivia Colomar, revealed in the “Searching” online comic. She was born within the fictional city of Dorado, Mexico, the same year that the Overwatch organization was established, and is a native speaker of Spanish.

What is Widowmaker real name?

Widowmaker’s fictional biography details her real name: Amélie Lacroix (born Amélie Guillard), age: 33, and base of operations: Annecy, France.

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