How To Do A Circle With A Vape?

Vape Trick #1: Use Circles or Rings as a Design

  1. Take a long, deep pull from your electronic cigarette.
  2. Place your tongue towards the bottom of your mouth, so that it touches the back of your lower teeth on both sides.
  3. Make a circle with your lips by pinching them together.
  4. As you slowly exhale, the vapor should form a ring or circle around your lips.

To produce an upside-down ‘U’ shape out of your tongue, curl it to the back of your mouth with the tip of the tongue resting on the bottom of your mouth. Continue to hold this position while dragging your tongue towards the front of your mouth. This will force the smoke to exit your mouth in an arc. It is essential that your lips remain in the ‘O’ form for this to operate properly.

How to make a vape ring?

Making a vape ring is as simple as putting vapour into your mouth and then forming a circle with your lips and tape your cheek. Simply form your lips into a ″O″ shape, and each tap will send out a little ring of sound in response.

How to use a vape?

To get started, take a deep pull from your Vape.The vapors should be inhaled into your throat rather than into your lungs.This may require some practice, but it will yield the greatest results in the long run.You want to get as much vapour out of the container as possible.The greater the thickness of the vapour, the more attractive the rings will appear and the longer they will persist.

  • Make sure your mouth is in the proper shape.

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