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Vape Is Hot When I Inhale?

When you inhale from your vape, there are seven common reasons why it becomes hot.

  1. Reduced size of the airflow holes has been implemented. In many cases, enormous clouds of vapor are produced by sub-ohming devices because their holes are extremely big.
  2. Making use of a High-Mass Coil. It will take a lot of watts to heat up a coil with a lot of metal mass, so be sure you have plenty of it handy.
  3. Vaping in a chain.
  4. In the tank, there is a metal mouthpiece.
  5. There is a hot spot in the coil.

If the vapour is too hot when you inhale, it is possible that your ventilation is inadequate. The airflow and wattage combination you’re utilizing are most likely responsible for the excessive heat generated by the vapour. In general, the larger the wattage of your device, the higher the temperature of your coil, and therefore the hotter the vapour will be.

How should you exhale when vaping?

The majority of individuals prefer to exhale through their mouths, however others prefer to exhale through their noses in order to have a stronger sense of the scent of cannabis. Initially, it is advised that you start off slowly and gradually increase your consumption over time as you become more familiar with vaping.

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