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Quick Answer: Itunes duplicates playlist when syncing?

How do I stop iTunes from duplicating playlists?

Clean up the duplicate lists in iTunes. Sync your chosen playlists back to the device and then sync again. Hopefully no duplicates are created this time. Change your sync selections so that you remove all playlists from the device and sync.

Why does iTunes duplicate my playlist when I sync?

Seems this happens when (a) you’ve made a change to the playlist in iTunes then (b) the iOS device has the playlist open (active) while syncing. Appears the sync process can override the device’s lock so the “active” playlist on the device is renamed and the “new” version of the playlist is sent through.

Why is my iTunes library showing duplicates?

iTunes won’t recognize that the files are already in the library and will create duplicate entries. This can happen if you have “Copy to iTunes media folder when adding to library” enabled and accidentally add the same folders from outside of the iTunes Media folder into your library.

Will consolidating iTunes library create duplicates?

The Consolidate Library feature copies files. After consolidation, the iTunes library should only show one copy — with all entries pointing to a file in your iTunes Music folder. But on your hard drive you’ll end up with two copies.

Why do my playlists get deleted when I sync?

It sounds like you have ‘playlists‘ ticked in your syncing preferences and that iTunes is overwriting your playlists with no playlists as it syncs from the computer. First thing to do is to check that Playlists are not being synced under the device in iTunes and Music. Uncheck “sync playlists” and try again.

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What is Apple music library syncing?

If you subscribe to Apple Music, you can turn on Sync Library to access your music library and music that you’ve downloaded from Apple Music on all of your devices.

How do I find duplicates in Apple music playlist?

Using ‘Show Duplicate Items’ in Music or iTunes

  1. Open the Music or iTunes app on your Mac.
  2. Click on any of the options under Library in the left-hand column.
  3. Click on File > Library.
  4. Click on Show Duplicate items.
  5. Make sure that you are sorting the columns by Name so that you can see which tracks are duplicated.

How do I clean up my iTunes library?

How to clean up and organize your iTunes library

  1. Remove iTunes Duplicates.
  2. Download missing artwork.
  3. Remove missing songs with exclamation points.
  4. Add music from your computer to your iTunes library.
  5. Fix nameless and incorrectly labelled songs.
  6. Back up your library.
  7. Extra: Merge multiple different iTunes libraries >

How do I delete duplicate files on my Mac?

Follow these steps to delete duplicate files on your Mac:

  1. Launch Disk Drill for the Mac.
  2. Click Find Duplicates from the top menu.
  3. Add locations you want to check to the search window.
  4. Press the Scan button and allow Disk Drill to perform its search.
  5. Select and delete duplicates manually or choose auto-selection.

Why are my songs duplicated on my iPhone?

If I understand your issue, the reason you are seeing duplicates is because you chose the “Merge” option instead of “Replace” when you synced your iTunes library to your iPhone. The songs that you are seeing with the iCloud symbol are songs that you have purchased from the iTunes store.

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How do I mass delete duplicates in iTunes 2019?

iTunes has the built-in feature to find and delete duplicate items.

  1. Open iTunes. Choose Songs in the Library section.
  2. Go to the menu bar, choose File > Library >Show Duplicate Items.
  3. Select the duplicate item you want to delete. From the menu bar, go to Song > Delete.

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