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Question: When did miguel ferrer die?

What happened to Miguel Ferrer on NCIS Los Angeles?

Miguel Ferrer died on January 19, 2017 of head and neck cancer. However, Granger’s death wasn’t the worst news awaiting NCIS: Los Angeles fans. “Today history will mark giant changes in our world, and lost to most will be that on the same day Miguel Ferrer lost his battle to throat cancer.

What kind of cancer did Miguel Ferrer have?

The late NCIS: Los Angeles star Miguel Ferrer played Owen Granger from 2012 until his death from throat cancer in 2017.

How did Owen Granger die on NCIS?

The actor, who played Owen Granger on the CBS show since 2012, passed away on January 19 of cancer. In the episode, Ferrer’s Granger was stabbed during a mole hunt storyline and taken to the hospital. His friend and colleague Hetty went to check on him, but when she arrived she discovered that he was missing.

Who died from NCIS Los Angeles?

NEW YORK — Miguel Ferrer, who brought stern authority to his featured role on CBS’ hit “NCIS: Los Angeles” and, before that, to NBC crime drama “Crossing Jordan,” has died. CBS said Ferrer died Thursday of cancer at his Los Angeles home.

Why did Deeks leave NCIS?

The LAPD furloughed him due to budget issues. And it seemed that he had no future at NCIS when he learned that he was too old to attend FLETC. Facing some major financial problems, Deeks decided to sell his bar.

Did Gibbs kill Xavier?

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) came straight from visiting Torres at the hospital to join McGee and Bishop at her apartment. But there, they found Xavier dead, in her bathtub. He’d been killed in the past five hours, by someone with weapons experience who knew what they were doing — and took the bullet with them.

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Is Deeks leaving NCIS 2020?

But then NCIS: LA revealed that Deeks’s job as a liaison between the NCIS and the LAPD is done—permanently. But before you cut the TV cord, get a load of this good news: Daniela spoke out and all but confirmed that Eric and Deeks aren’t going anywhere.

Is NCIS still in production?

The long wait for new episodes of NCIS is almost over. After months of shutdowns and delays due to the pandemic, the cast and crew are back to work. CBS has finally revealed when season 18 will premiere, and they just released new pics and a synopsis for the first episode.

Is NCIS ending in 2020?

Per THR, NCIS: New Orleans will end with its current Season 7, with the series finale scheduled to air on May 16, 2021 on CBS. The show, which is led by Scott Bakula, has been steadily declining in viewership and its 10-episode seventh season is its lowest rated yet.

Does Callen die in NCIS?

He is kidnapped and killed by one of the surviving members of the Comescu family, Vasile. At the end of the episode, Hetty and Arkady Kolcheck explain to Callen that the real Reznikov was a KGB major who was arrested and sent to a Soviet gulag in 1974, around the time Callen and his sister came to America.

What disease does Linda Hunt have?

As a teenager, Hunt was diagnosed as having hypopituitary dwarfism. Hunt stands 4 feet 9 inches (145 cm) tall. Hunt is an ambassador for the Best Friends Animal Society.

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Why did Gibbs shoot McGee?

As the episode explained things, Gibbs‘ decision to shoot McGee was justified, since the latter was attempting to make his way onto an explosive-filled plane without working comms, all in an effort to save Emily Wickersham’s kidnapped Bishop, who wasn’t even on the plane.

Who all dies in NCIS?

Here is a look at the 10 most tragic deaths in NCIS history.

  • Mike Franks (S8 E23)
  • Clayton Reeves (S15 E22)
  • Jackson Gibbs (S11 E24)
  • Paula Cassidy (S4 E19)
  • Ziva David (S13 E24)
  • Ned Dorneget (S12 E23) Ned Dorneget on NCIS.
  • Diane Sterling (S12 E11) Diane Sterling on NCIS.
  • Tom Morrow (S 13 E21) Tom Morrow on NCIS.

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