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Often asked: Was it over when the german?

Who has died from Animal House?

Wormer. Verna Bloom, the actress who played debauched wife Marion Wormer in “Animal House” and later portrayed Jesus’ mother in “The Last Temptation of Christ,” has died at age 80. Bloom died Wednesday due to complications from dementia in Bar Harbor, Maine, family spokesman Mike Kaplan tells USA TODAY.

Is Animal House funny?

“It’s a classic University of Oregon movie, and it’s funny in its own kind of very crass and crude way. But if you watch with any sort of a critical lens, it’s obvious that it was a movie of its day, and the day has changed.”

What Otter says in Animal House?

When Otter says, “What a tool,” in front of Dean Wormer, and Wormer asks him to repeat what he said, he claims that he said, “What a shame that a few bad apples have to spoil a good time for everyone by breaking the rules.”

What is the name of the dean in Animal House?

Vernon best for his performance in “Animal House” as Dean Wormer, who is bent on expelling the hard-partying Delta fraternity. The movie, starring John Belushi and Tim Matheson, is one of the most popular screen comedies.

Is Animal House Real?

The stories were based on Ramis’s experience in the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at Washington University in St. Louis, Miller’s Alpha Delta Phi experiences at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, and producer Reitman’s at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Is there a real Faber College?


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It was the only school that would let the production shoot on campus.

Where did they film Animal House?

As most Oregonians know, “Animal House” was filmed on and near the University of Oregon’s Eugene campus in the fall of 1977. As the world knows, it was released in the summer of 1978 to riotous laughter despite, or perhaps because of, its poor taste.

Is Delta Tau Chi real?

Delta Tau Chi (ΔΤΧ) is a fraternity at Richmore Academy. Their house is located in the Students Residence block. Though unconfirmed, there have been rumors floating about that the students may collectively be under the influence of any number of substances.

Is animal house a good movie?

National Lampoon’s raunchy frat house comedy “Animal House,” which celebrates its 40th anniversary Saturday, is widely regarded as an all-time great movie. But four decades later, it feels less like a comedy classic and more like a toxic showcase of racism, homophobia and jokes about sexual assault.

What did Dean Wormer say to flounder?

Flounder: [drunk] Hello! Dean Vernon Wormer: 0.2 Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

What does Belushi yell during shout?

Cue an almighty fracas, soundtracked by the Chris Montez tune “Let’s Dance” and capped off by Belushi turning to the camera and yelling, “FOOD FIIIIIGHT!” At this point in the film, during screenings all across America, popcorn would be flung in the air with wild abandon.

What frat is in Animal House?

National Lampoon’s Animal House, one of the most successful American film comedies of all time, was filmed in the Eugene area in the fall of 1977. The producers needed a campus setting for their story of the disreputable Delta Tau Chi fraternity and the mayhem it creates in 1962 at fictional Faber College.

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Is Bill Murray in Animal House?

Bill Murray was who the creative team had in mind for the role of Boon, but, like Aykroyd and Belushi, Murray was locked down to SNL at the time. At the time of Animal House’s production in 1977, Murray was fighting to prove he was a worthy replacement for Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live.

Who played Boones girlfriend in Animal House?

National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) – Karen Allen as Katy – IMDb.

Why is there a Tennessee flag in Animal House?

Although the film takes place in Pennsylvania, a Tennessee flag is shown in the courtroom. This is because the set decorator was unable to find a large enough Pennsylvania flag for the scene, and the blue Oregon state flag wouldn’t work, because it had “State of Oregon” text on the upper part.

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