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Often asked: Shining force when to promote?

When should I promote in Shining Force 2?

Promoting at 40 at least gives some challenge to the game, until you promote that is. 20 is the way to go, the game is easy enough, and if you can’t even beat Ouch! without promoting at 40, you shouldn’t be playing on anything higher than Normal.

What does promoting do in Shining Force?

Once you promote say you lose 1/4 of your stats, but you then get access to all promoted weapons. (such as sword of light for the hero) You then usually get larger levels as a promoted character quickly fixing any losses and making your characters more powerful.

Can Domingo be promoted Shining Force?

As he is newly hatched he starts at L1 which is a bit low for this point in the game but he cannot be promoted when he reaches L10 indicating that he already has been – even though he only starts out with Freeze L1. His defense improves later on and his spells are devastating – especially Freeze L3.

How do you get guntz in Shining Force?

Guntz will only join you after the Pao Prairie battle if you talk to him in Rindo. Guntz is a grey armadillo with brown eyes in a suit of armor powered by steam (it will stop working if it does not get water regularly). The suit is also grey with a brown steam aparatus on the back.

How do you promote in Shining Force 2?

Some of the Shining Force II characters can be promoted with certain items to a special fighting class. To use them simply have them in the item slot of a character (not in the depot of the caravan) when you go to the priest and ask for a promotion. He’ll automatically offer to use it in the promotion.

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What does the shining ball do in Shining Force 2?

Shining Ball– Cause a “super attack”. This peticular one looks like Blaze. Costs 1000G if you sell it then buy it back.

How many chapters are in Shining Force?

Shining Force is divided into eight chapters, which are dealt with individually in this walkthrough.

How do you hatch a Domingo egg in Shining Force?

An egg is located in a suit of armor in Manarina’s castle. In order to hatch the egg, the egg must be taken to Pao and incubated. After the egg is hatched, Domingo will join the Force at Level 1. In Shining Force Gaiden and Shining Force CD, search the bushes in Battle 12(the nighttime ambush battle) to find him.

Who can use the heat AXE in Shining Force?

Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention Weapons

Weapon Special Use Player
Heat Axe Blaze lv 2 Gladiator
Great Axe None Gladiator
Atlas Axe Blaze lv 3 Gladiator
Spear None Knight / Paladin Winged Knight / Sky Lord Steam Knight

What does the angel wing do in Shining Force?

The Angel Wing is a 1 use item in many Shining games. Its typical purpose is to cause a retreat from battle back to a camp. Any experience gained through the battle is not lost and retrying the battle typically restores all fallen enemy units, allowing them to be beaten again for more experience.

How do you get Hanzou in Shining Force?

After crossing the bridge next to the palace, go up to the area with several fish. Step on the fish on top of the grey square (the same one that made Boken emerge from the sea) and Hanzou will appear and join the Shining Force!

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How do you get the Jogurt in Shining Force?

When the player enters the church in Pao, Jogurt appears in the top left of the screen outside the church. Approach the bed in the corner, use the search option and Jogurt will stand up and will promptly fall down again. After these requirements have been met, Jogurt will join the Shining Force.

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