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How To Change Temp On Vape Pen?

What is the best way to adjust the temperature of my G Pen Pro Vaporizer?

  1. Holding the power button for three seconds will allow you to cycle through the three temperature settings on the G Pen Pro Vaporizer once it has been turned on.
  2. Low (Blue) – 375° F / 190° C
  3. High (Red) – 375° F / 190° C
  4. Medium (Green) – 400 degrees Fahrenheit / 204 degrees Celsius
  5. High temperature (red): 428° F / 220° C

What is a temperature control vape pen?

A temperature-controlled vape pen allows you to have a variety of vaping experiences without having to switch out the product you are now using. It also allows you to experiment with a wide selection of various compounds at their optimal temperature range. Tips for Using a Vape with Temperature Control

How to find the best vaping temperature for You?

To determine the optimal vaping temperature, it is recommended to experiment with different temperature settings on your pen and see which one works best. When a pen’s temperature settings are restricted (or non-existent), you may be unhappy with the type of experience the pen can provide you with.

Do I need to adjust the temperature settings on my pen?

Our Slim Twist pens are meant to be as simple to use as possible, yet modifying the temperature settings may still make a significant impact in your overall enjoyment of the product.For those who use wax, don’t be afraid to raise the temperature a few degrees over room temperature.It is likely that your pen will be ready to use right out of the box if you are using oil or a thinner concentrate.

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