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FAQ: When is the ghost recon wildlands beta?

Is the Ghost Recon beta over?

The next Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta dates are between Thursday, September 26th and Monday September 29th on PS4, Xbox One and PC, at the following start and end times: UK: 11am (BST) Europe: 12pm (CEST) East Coast US: 6am (EDT)

What time does Ghost Recon open beta start?

This will start at around 11am in the UK, or at about 3am PST if you live in the United States. This will be followed by the launch of the Ghost Recon open beta servers on September 26.


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Is Ghost Recon breakpoint like wildlands?

The story is set on a mission to mission progression to capture the head of the cartel. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, however, takes a bit more personal turn. And yes, Breakpoint is a direct sequel to Wildlands, taking place a few years in the future; it also features much of the same cast as the previous game!

Can you change the time of day in Ghost Recon wildlands?

No there is no option to change the time of day in-game, but if you quit to main menu and start the game back up again the time of day will change then. The time is meant to move naturally.

How long is the Ghost Recon breakpoint free trial?

If you do not own Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the trial will give you access to the entire game for six hours of playtime. The trial timer pauses when the Friend Pass is used, and once you reach the time limit, your progression saves and you can keep playing through the Friend Pass or by purchasing the game.

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Does Ghost Recon breakpoint need Xbox Live?

To enjoy the multiplayer experiences in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you will require an active Xbox Live Gold or PS+ membership.

Is breakpoint bigger than wildlands?

According to Twinfinite, Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s map comes in at about 2025 km – or 781.9 miles – in length. On the surface that seems pretty impressive, and it’s comparable in size to Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Will there be a wildlands 2?

In early May 2019, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint was announced during a livestream event. It serves as a sequel to 2017’s Wildlands.

Should I play wildlands before breakpoint?

Nope. You don’t have to finish it for the story. But, Breakpoint isn’t out until October. So, play the heck out of Wildlands because it was really fun.

Can you change the time of day in the Division 2?

The Division 2 follows up on the first game by continuing to have a day and night cycle that is continuously moving throughout the game. The in-game clock in The Division 2 cannot be changed, regardless of if you join a player’s session or anything.

How do you change the time of day?

Set time, date & time zone

  1. Open your phone’s Clock app.
  2. Tap More. Settings.
  3. Under “Clock,” pick your home time zone or change the date and time. To see or hide a clock for your home time zone when you’re in a different time zone, tap Automatic home clock.

How do you change the time of day in Ghost Recon breakpoint?

Once you select to break camp, you have an option before you leave. This is the option that lets you choose your time of departure. Simply choose the desired time and once the camp has been packed away, the time of day or night will change depending on what you chose.

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