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FAQ: When is othello set?

What time period is Othello set in?

Othello is set in Venice, presumably sometime in the latter half of the sixteenth-century. Venice was at war with the Ottoman empire between 1570 and 1573, so the play’s reference to the threat of an attack on Cyprus could reflect a setting sometime during this period.

What is the setting at the start of Othello?

The setting at the beginning of Othello is Venice, a city in Italy, though the action in the play later moves to Cyprus. At the time, Venice controlled the island of Cyprus, though the Ottoman Empire (referred to as “Turks”) were vying for control of the island.

Why is Othello set in Cyprus?

We know that Shakespeare liked to set his plays in exotic locations like Verona or Cyprus because he wanted to entertain and transport his audience. The island of Cyprus symbolizes Othello: vital and prone to attack.

How many days is Othello set over?

Why does Cassio accept Iago’s explanation? The answer is clear in a three-day time scheme. Iago’s remark is made on the third day. Cassio has had no contact with Othello on the second day.

Did Othello slept with Iago’s wife?

At the end of Act I, scene iii, Iago says he thinks Othello may have slept with his wife, Emilia: “It is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets / He has done my office” (I. iii. 369–370). Iago is often funny, especially in his scenes with the foolish Roderigo, which serve as a showcase of Iago’s manipulative -abilities.

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How does Othello die?

Othello dies by his own hand. He lies next to the deceased Desdemona and stabs himself.

Why does Desdemona fall in love with Othello?

By his own admission, Desdemona fell in love with Othello’s bravery and for surviving many sorrows and tribulations. Othello, in turn, loves the fact that she admires him. From his point of view, he has a loving, obedient wife who admires his ability to endure dangers.

How old is Iago?

Iago, the great deceiver of Othello, is 28 according to Shakespeare – but actors have a habit of tweaking the lines

What first attracted Desdemona to Othello?


What first attracted Desdemona to Othello? The stories he told about his past
What rank does Iago begrudgingly hold? Ensign
From whom did Desdemona first hear the “song of ‘Willow’”? Her mother’s maid, Barbary
What epithet is most commonly applied to Iago throughout the play? honest

Is Othello a Turk?

When, at the end of the play, Othello views himself as a Turk, he ratifies European perceptions of the treacherous and destructive Mus- lim Other at the same time that he draws the audience’s attention to the religion of the Other to which both Turk and Moor are historically and culturally linked.

Why does Roderigo want to drown himself?

He is threatening to drown himself because life is pointless without Desdemona, who is Othello’s. Roderigo is a gullible, rich man who decides that he will win the love of the beautiful lady Desdemona by buying her gifts. He pays a man, Iago, to assist him in winning Desdemona’s love.

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Who gets stabbed in Othello?

Cassio enters, and Roderigo stabs at him but fails to pierce Cassio’s armor. Cassio stabs and wounds Roderigo. Iago darts out in the commotion, stabs Cassio in the leg, and exits. Not knowing who has stabbed him, Cassio falls.

What is the most important scene in Othello?

Othello wants Cassio dead, Iago agrees to do it, and then Othello wonders how to kill Desdemona. This scene, often called the “temptation scene,” is the most important scene in the entire play and one of the most well-known scenes in all drama.

Does Iago die in Othello?

No, Iago does not die in Othello, making him one of the few Shakespearean villains to escape the play with his life.

Does Cassio die in Othello?

11) Does Cassio die? The moment Iago notices that Roderigo has failed to murder Cassio, he sneaks up behind Cassio and slashes his legs, hoping to kill his rival himself. But Cassio receives medical attention and survives both attacks.

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