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FAQ: What does sigma say when he ults?

What does Sigma say when he uses his ult?

“My ultimate is charging.”

What does rein say when he Ults?

On the italian version, he says “Cala il martello”, that is roughly translated into “Hammer goes down!” so I guess that “Hammer down” could be the correct version in English.

Can Sigma eat Ults?

Trivia. In a stream with former Overwatch League player Seagull, Jeff Kaplan stated that absorbing ultimates with this ability was a bug. However, it turns out that Kinetic Grasp can absorb ultimates. Especially since there are specific voice lines Sigma will say upon absorbing certain ults.

What is Lucio saying when he Ults?

Hi, his ult is “Vamos esculachar”. It’s the way that they made in the brazillian version of the game. Esculachar doesn’t have a translation, but it’s like beat them down hard. That would mean that the whole line means something like “Let’s go listen!” to supply a rough literal translation.

Why does Sigma say what is that melody?

It sounds like wing blowing over a microphone. Black holes, which is what Sigma was experimenting with, also make “sounds.” A black hole sounds like a drum or a “chirp.” Neither of these would sound like a piano though which is why I believe that Sigma’smelody” is his dementia.

What does sigma mean?

Σ This symbol (called Sigma) means “sum up” I love Sigma, it is fun to use, and can do many clever things. So Σ means to sum things up

What does Genji say Ults?

Genji Shimada shouts “Ryujin no ken wo kurae!” when he uses his ultimate, which roughly translates to “Take my Dragonblade!”.

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Can you jump over Reinhardt ULT?

Just jump before the hammer lands and thus preventing a knock down? No.

What language is sigma?

Greek sigma

Preview Σ ς
Encodings decimal hex
Unicode 931 U+03C2
UTF-8 206 163 CF 82


Dva can use defense matrix to eat torb ult. Well that sux. Ult seems niche already without be eaten or deflected.

What language does Sigma speak?

Always been foreign language to the enemy, English to own team. He’s correct though. On the PTR, enemy Sigma is speaking English. Yours is speaking Dutch.

What does Mei say when she Ults?

“冻住,不许走!” (“Dòng zhù, bùxǔ zǒu!”) It can be translated to “Freeze, don’t go anywhere!” 9.

What is Moira saying in her ult?

Géill do mo thoil! Which is Gaelic for “Surrender to my will!”

What does mercy say when she Ults Valkyrie?

When you pick mercy’s Valkyrie/sigrun skin and use your ultimate, you will hear her shout “til valhalla!”

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