Why Is My Vape Juice Brown?

It is possible for your vape juice to get discolored as a result of another chemical interaction between nicotine and air.To make matters worse, nicotine is a very reactive molecule, which means that exposing it to air or even light can cause it to react, resulting in the recognizable brown hue of e-liquid.However, this does not necessarily imply that your darkened vape juice has gone bad.

Why Does Vape Juice Turn Brown When Stored in a Bottle?The reason why e-liquid begins to darken within the container is due to a chemical process known as oxidation, which occurs when the liquid is exposed to air.Nicotine is a very reactive molecule, and exposing it to air, or even light, may cause it to react, resulting in the formation of a brown hue in vape juice that is all too familiar.

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