What does a hyphen look like?

What is a hyphen example?

A hyphen (-) is a punctuation mark used to join the separate parts of a compound word. A hyphen is used: To join the words of a compound adjective (e.g., “five-page” document) To join the words of compound noun (e.g., “cooking-oil”) To join a prefix to a word (e.g., “re-examine”).

What is the difference between a dash and a hyphen?

A hyphen joins two or more words together while a dash separates words into parenthetical statements. The two are sometimes confused because they look so similar, but their usage is different. Hyphens are not separated by spaces, while a dash has a space on either side.

How do you type a hyphen?

For desktop PC: press “alt+ctrl+minus” on the numeric keypad (the number section on the far right of your keyboard). The trick will not work if you press the hyphen-key on the typewriter section of the keyboard.

What is a hyphen in an email?

A hyphen and a dash are not the same thing — a hyphen is a short line that ties a word or words together, while a dash is a longer line that separates phrases in a sentence. Type two hyphens beside each other to create a dash in your document.

Can you use a hyphen in a sentence?

First, hyphens must never be used interchangeably with dashes (see the Dashes section), which are noticeably longer. Second, there should not be spaces around hyphens. Hyphens‘ main purpose is to glue words together. They notify the reader that two or more elements in a sentence are linked.

Is there a hyphen in in person?

In-Person (As an Adjective)

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In-person: this hyphenated word is an adjective, a word that tells us “what kind of.” Many adjectives are hyphenated words, but writing guides caution us from using too many hyphenated words as adjectives, and against stringing many words together as a single hyphenated word adjective.

When should a hyphen be used?

Hyphen Use

  1. Use a hyphen to join two or more words serving as a single adjective before a noun:
  2. Use a hyphen with compound numbers:
  3. Use a hyphen to avoid confusion or an awkward combination of letters:

Is a dash longer than a hyphen?

They might all look like lines on a page, but hyphens and dashes serve different purposes. To begin, a hyphen (-) is shorter than a dash (–). Hyphens join words together and dashes indicate range.

Do you use a hyphen when writing numbers?

Use a hyphen when writing two-word numbers from twenty-one to ninety-nine (inclusive) as words. But don’t use a hyphen for hundreds, thousands, millions and billions.

What is a hyphen on keyboard?

Alternatively known as a dash, subtract, negative, or minus sign, the hyphen ( – ) is a punctuation mark on the underscore key next to the “0” key on US keyboards. Pictured is an example of the hyphen and underscore key on top of the keyboard. Keyboard help and support.

How do you make a dash instead of a hyphen?

Press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+-. You must use the minus sign (-) on the numeric keypad; if you use the hyphen character on the alphanumeric keypad, Word will change the cursor. Hold down the [Alt] key and type 0151 on the numeric keypad.

How do you make a dash not a hyphen?

On a Mac (and on iOS devices connected to a physical keyboard), you can use ⌥ + – for an en-dash and ⇧ Shift + ⌥ + – for an em-dash. ( ⌥ is the Option or Alt key). On Windows, if you have a numeric keypad, you can use Alt + 0150 resp.

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Can you have a hyphen in an email address?

The short answer is yes, email addresses can include these characters, but with some exceptions. The two biggest factors to consider are hyphen placement and email service provider.

How do you add a hyphen in Outlook?


  1. Click the File tab and choose Options.
  2. In the left pane, choose Proofing.
  3. In the AutoCorrect Options section, click the AutoCorrect Options button.
  4. Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.
  5. Check the Hyphens (–) with (—) option to enable it.
  6. Click OK twice.

What is long hyphen called?

The hyphen, the em dash and the en dash are the straight arrows among punctuation marks, an otherwise fairly curvaceous lot. So is the em dash (—), more often called the long dash, or sometimes just the dash.

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