Readers ask: What is a ramekin?

What can I use instead of a ramekin?

Mugs and teacups, baking dishes and muffin tins, small bowls, custard cups and glass jars are all good ramekin substitutes. Just be sure any substitute is oven-safe, or plan to cook and serve in separate dishes.

What is a ramekin in cooking?

What the heck is a ramekin? It’s typically a circular glazed ceramic dish with a fluted exterior. Like so many other culinary terms, it comes from the French and refers to the tiniest version of the souffle dish made in the same style. These dishes may be little, but they are made to take the heat.

Can you put ramekins in the oven?

Made of durable ceramic, tempered glass, melamine or porcelain, ramekins are oven-, dishwasher-, microwave- and freezer-safe. They come in a variety of colors and sizes from 1.5 to 7 ounces.

Why is a ramekin called a ramekin?

The term is derived from the French ramequin, a cheese- or meat-based dish baked in a small mold. The French term is in turn derived from early modern Dutch rammeken, which translated to ‘toast’ or ‘roasted minced meat’, itself apparently from ram ‘battering ram’ + -kin ‘diminutive’, but it is unclear why.

Can I use muffin tins instead of ramekins?

Cooking Tips

Muffin tins can be used in place of ramekins to make individual quiches, frittatas, individually portioned meatloaves, soufflés, etc.. They are also good for baking stuffed tomatoes and peppers in.

Do you need a ramekin for creme brulee?

Crème brûlée is traditionally baked in a wide, shallow ramekin. If you plan on making it at home, you‘ll need to invest in a few. The deeper 4- to 6-ounce ceramic pots used for most other puddings and pots de crème aren’t an adequate substitution.

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What can I use a ramekin for?

Though they might not seem like essential kitchen equipment, ramekins—small round baking dishes—are surprisingly versatile. They’re perfect for individually portioned soups, desserts, pies, and soufflés; for serving nuts, dips, and small snacks; and even as a stand-in for a mini prep bowl or a salt cellar.

What size ramekin should I buy?

3 to 5 ounce ramekins are still on the small side, though they can be used for items other than condiments. Ramekins of this size are great for mini-desserts or for sample platters. If you are only going to stock up on one size, a 6-ounce ramekin is probably the best all-purpose option.

What are condiment cups called?

Although there is a strict definition of a ramekin, the term has evolved to encompass a number of different but related items. So, you may call them sauce cups, cheese pipkins, oyster cups, monkey dishes, or souffle cups. All of these items are often collectively referred to as “ramekins.”

How do you bake with ramekins?

Bake individual-sized portions of meatloaf, pot pies, French onion soup, souffles, tarts or cakes in desired sized ramekin. Store individual food portions in the ramekins; place in a freezer bag, and store in the freezer for later use. Use ramekins for side dishes to be placed aesthetically with dinnerware.

What is the best size ramekin for creme brulee?

The ideal ramekin size for creme brulee is 6 ounces. These dishes have a diameter of approximately 4.8 inches, and are 1.1 inches deep. Other sizes can also be used. Cooking time is determined by the depth of the liquid.

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Do you put ramekins on a cookie sheet?

Can you put ramekins on a cookie sheet in the oven? Yes, you can put ramekins on a cookie sheet in the oven.

Can ramekins go in air fryer?

4 ounce ramekins or souffle cups are perfect for making baked eggs in your air fryer. They’re small enough to hold just 1 or 2 eggs perfectly, and they heat evenly. They do get very hot though, so be sure to use a pair of tongs to carefully remove them from the air fryer basket.

What size is a 6 oz ramekin?

PERFECT SIZE for All DESSERT: The 6 ounce ramekins set measure 3.5″ diameter and 2″ H. Perfect for serving dips, salsas, dressings, sauces, appetizers, side dishes, Crème Brulée, Soufflés, Custards, Puddings, Instant Pot Pies and Cobblers.

Does Walmart sell ramekins?

Larger ramekins come in handy for baking casseroles and other meals. Many trusted names and brands in kitchenware are available, some exclusively at Walmart. Look for ramekins available for Pick Up Today so you can purchase online and then pick up at a store location near you. (1 = Needs Improvement, 5 = Love it!)

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