Question: What does predicate mean?

What is an example of a predicate?

A predicate is the part of a sentence, or a clause, that tells what the subject is doing or what the subject is. Let’s take the same sentence from before: “The cat is sleeping in the sun.” The clause sleeping in the sun is the predicate; it’s dictating what the cat is doing.

What is a simple predicate example?

It includes a verb and all other details that describe what is going on. example: My father fixed the dryer. The simple predicate is the main verb in the predicate that tells what the subject does. example: My father fixed the dryer.

What does it mean to be predicated on something?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe predicated on/upon somethingbe predicated on/upon somethingformal if an action or event is predicated on a belief or situation, it is based on it or depends on it The company’s expansion was predicated on the assumption that sales would rise.

What is another word for predicate?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for predicate, like: proclaim, imply, profess, underpin, verb, part-of-speech, assert, mean, declare, state and signify.

What’s the difference between a verb and a predicate?

A verb is a word class. And subject and predicate are the two main parts of a sentence. The predicate consists of a verb and its object(s) or when the verb is a linking verb as to be of verb and complement. A sentence makes a statement, a complete statement, and consists of the two parts, subject and predicate.

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What is the difference between predicate and object?

Subject, predicate, and objects are the three different components when breaking down a sentence. The subject is the “who” or “what” of the sentence, the predicate is the verb, and the object is any noun or concept that is part of the action of the subject. Learn how to identify the three parts of a sentence.

How do you identify a simple predicate?

It doesn’t give any more information about the verb or verb phrase, which is why the predicate is considered “simple.” To identify a simple predicate in a sentence, ask yourself what the subject does or is, but remember to focus only on the verb or verb phrase itself.

What is a simple and complete predicate?

The simple predicate (simple verb) is a single word (or group of words if a verb phrase) representing the verb without any of its modifiers whereas a complete predicate refers to the predicate/verb as well as all of its modifiers.

What are the three types of predicates?

There are three basic types of a predicate: the simple predicate, the compound predicate, and complete predicate.

What does predicate mean in legal terms?

In a legal sense, the term predicate means to base something, such as a fact, statement, or action, on another thing. The term is also used in criminal law, as a “predicate offense” is one that is part of a larger criminal offense or scheme. To explore this concept, consider the following predicate definition.

What does predicate mean in logic?

In mathematical logic, a predicate is the formalization of the mathematical concept of statement. A predicate is a well-formed formula that can be evaluated to true or false in function of the values of the variables that occur in it. It can thus be considered as a Boolean-valued function.

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Can You end sentences with is?

It’s not a particularly common form but valid all the same. The sentence is valid as it is. Breaks up the monotony of longer sentences because sentences ending in ‘is’ are typically short and snappy. Not that they have to be.

What is the opposite of a predicate?

Antonyms: contradict, contravene, controvert, deny, disprove, dispute, gainsay, oppose, refute, repudiate, retract, waive.

What does predicate mean in grammar?

The predicate of a sentence is a portion of it which makes a claim about the subject. For instance, in “Mary smokes”, the predicate would be the verb “smokes”. In traditional grammar, sentences are regarded as consisting of a subject plus a predicate.

What is another name for the predicate in a sentence?

Another name for the predicate in a sentence is a verb. Another name for the predicate in a sentence is a verb.

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