Question: What does ancillary mean?

What does the term ancillary mean?

1: subordinate, subsidiary the main factory and its ancillary plants. 2: auxiliary, supplementary the need for ancillary evidence ancillary expenses ancillary equipment.

What is another word for ancillary?

What is another word for ancillary?

accessory additional
auxiliary contributory
extra secondary
subordinate subsidiary
supplementary supporting

What is the meaning of ancillary services?

Ancillary services are medical services or supplies that are not provided by acute care hospitals, doctors or health care professionals. Examples of ancillary services include: Home health care services. Home infusion therapy services.

What are ancillary items?

Ancillary equipment is machines and other technical things which are used with the main items of equipment to create a complete system. Ancillary equipment is machines and other technical things which are used with the main items of equipment to create a complete system.

What is an ancillary benefit?

Ancillary benefits are a secondary type of health insurance coverage that covers miscellaneous medical expenses that are incurred during a stay at the hospital. The definition of ancillary benefits means it can cover expenses such as ambulance transportation, blood, drugs, and medical supplies like bandages.

What is an ancillary character?

Ancillary characters are no small matter- they are the support system upon which your character’s life is built- husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends. Human relationships are tight, dense and complex things. Here is an exercise (yes, that I want you to write down)

What is the difference between ancillary and auxiliary?

Auxiliary means providing supplemental help, offering additional support. The words ancillary and auxiliary both carry the meaning of lending help or support, but ancillary carries the connotation that this support is considered subordinate in importance, while auxiliary does not carry this connotation.

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How do you use ancillary in a sentence?

Ancillary in a Sentence

  1. If we start the ancillary generators, we should have enough power to keep the main generator online.
  2. Language tutoring is just one of the many ancillary services provided by our public library.

What is the opposite of ancillary?

ancillary. Antonyms: insubservient, redundant, inappropriate, irrelevant, alien, inoperative, unconducive, adverse, counteractive, obstructive, impertinent, preventive. Synonyms: assistant, subservient, promotive, auxiliary, accessory, conducive, available, useful, applicable.

Why are ancillary services important?

Ancillary services help provide customers with a better travel experience, at an additional charge. It also prevents price disruptive competition between airlines, by letting them compete on quality and the variety of services offered.

What are ancillary services in hospital?

Ancillary care refers to the wide range of healthcare services provided to support the work of a primary physician. These services can be classified into three categories: diagnostic, therapeutic, and custodial. Diagnostic services include laboratory tests, radiology, genetic testing, diagnostic imaging, and more.

What does an ancillary health care worker do?

Qualified learners in this field will provide a service that will assist communities to better manage their own health and wellness. An Ancillary Health Care worker does the following nursing care duties under the supervision of professional nurses.

What are ancillary requirements?

Ancillary requirement means a requirement established by law or rule in addition to completion of an approved preparation program or alternative education program or establishment of eligibility under the NASDTEC Interstate Contract, and may include any of the following: Sample 2. Based on 2 documents. 2. + New List.

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What are ancillary costs?

Ancillary costs are costs that have to be paid by the tenant in addition to the monthly rent. For example, they may include heating and hot water costs, the maintenance of technical equipment or the landlord’s administrative expenses.

What is an ancillary issue?

A legal proceeding that is not the primary dispute but which aids the judgment rendered in or the outcome of the main action. The attachment proceeding is ancillary, or subordinate, to the negligence suit. An ancillary proceeding is sometimes called an ancillary suit or bill.

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