Question: What does a chief of staff do?

Why do you need a chief of staff?

Everyone requires help to achieve his or her highest potential and to sustain the effort it takes to lead a complex organization. The right chief of staff can be an important source of assistance to leaders who are pushing their organizations and themselves to ever better performance.

Is a chief of staff an executive assistant?

They may act as a sounding board to their executive for new ideas. During times when the executive is unavailable, the COS may make decisions on their behalf. Chief of Staffs often come from a background in finance, consulting, or operations or may have developed into the role from being an Executive Assistant.

What makes a successful chief of staff?

The Definition. Parris does a great job at the basic description: a chief of staff is a catch-all role, filled by someone with exceptional organizational and people skills, who handles all manner of tasks not covered by an existing member of an executive’s leadership team or administrative staff.

Is chief of staff a high position?

What is a chief of staff? As its description implies, a chief of staff acts as the point person for all the individuals who work on behalf of someone in a position of high authority. These include CEOs, COOs, CFOs, deans, board of directors members and other senior-level leadership titles.

What’s another title for chief of staff?

Typical use in the medical field to describe the top medical personnel. The current classification describes an employee who reports to executive officer level. Alternatives to use of Chief of Staff include Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Business Officer, or Chief Business Administrator.

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Why every startup CEO needs a chief of staff?

A Chief of Staff helps streamline processes for the company

For startups with the intention of growing (and fast), planning provides the roadmap needed to reach important milestones. It also helps companies anticipate potential challenges. But how a startup CEO and their team come up with a plan differs.

What degree do you need to be a chief of staff?

A person hoping to work as a Chief of Staff will generally need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, or a similar field. A large number of employers might also ask for a Master’s degree in Business.

What do you do after chief of staff?

What Comes After the Chief of Staff Role?

  • Staying with your current company in a leadership position. Of course, the CoS position already carries leadership weight.
  • Leaving your current company for a non-chief of staff role. This is the most common scenario I see.
  • Leaving your current company for another chief of staff role.
  • Starting your own gig.

How much money does a chief of staff make?

Chief of Staff Salary

Percentile Salary Location
10th Percentile Chief of Staff Salary $142,369 US
25th Percentile Chief of Staff Salary $178,233 US
50th Percentile Chief of Staff Salary $217,624 US
75th Percentile Chief of Staff Salary $269,160 US

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