Question: Somewhere over the rainbow what a wonderful world?

Who sings the best version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

We look at Judy Garland’s classic tune, “Over the Rainbow” and rank 14 contenders. Who do you prefer?

So which CONTENDER do YOU think sang it best?

  • Eva Cassidy.
  • Israel (“Iz”) Kamakawiwoʻole.
  • Frank Sinatra.
  • Jewel.
  • Pink.
  • Eric Clapton.
  • Patti LaBelle & The Bluebells.
  • Trisha Yearwood.

How much did Israel weigh at death?

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole died on June 26th, 1997. He was just 38 years old when he passed away. Throughout his life, Israel suffered from severe obesity and at one stage even weighed as much as 757 pounds (343 kg; 54 st 1 lb).

Who was the Hawaiian singer that sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole: The Voice Of Hawaii The late Hawaiian musician known best for his ukulele-backed rendition of “Over the Rainbow” was a man with a standout voice and tremendous size. At more than 6 feet tall and weighing close to 1,000 pounds, “IZ” died when he was only 38.

What is the story behind somewhere over the rainbow?

Yip Harburg’s son and biographer Ernie puts the success of the song down to one key word, as he told Democracy Now: “It’s a story of a little girl that wants to get out. She’s in trouble, and she wants to get somewhere. Well, the rainbow was the only color that she’d see in Kansas. She wants to get over the rainbow.

Who made over the rainbow famous?

“Over the Rainbow” is a ballad composed by Harold Arlen with lyrics by Yip Harburg. It was written for the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz and was sung by actress Judy Garland in her starring role as Dorothy Gale. It won the Academy Award for Best Original Song and became Garland’s signature song.

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Why is Israel Kamakawiwoʻole famous?

Israel “Bruddah IZ” Kamakawiwo‘ole (May 20, 1959–June 26, 1997) was born in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Most famous for a widely-played rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Kamakawiwo‘ole’s gentle ukulele playing and hauntingly beautiful voice made him a musical legend in Hawaii and around the world.

Is Hawaiian a singer?

Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (Hawaiian: pronounced [kəˌmɐkəˌvivoˈʔole]), “Hawaiian of the fearless eye, the bold face”; May 20, 1959 – June 26, 1997), also called Bruddah Iz or Iz, was a Hawaiian singer-songwriter, musician, and Hawaiian sovereignty activist.

Israel Kamakawiwoʻole
Children 1

Who wrote the music to over the rainbow?

Harold Arlen Yip Harburg Over the Rainbow / Композиторы It can’t hurt.” More than 75 years later, the film and the song by composer Harold Arlen and lyricist Yip Harburg are cultural touchstones.

Who won Somewhere over the rainbow?

Following a public telephone vote, 18-year-old Danielle Hope was crowned the winner of the series and was chosen to play Dorothy.

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