Often asked: What does mma stand for?

What is MMA an abbreviation for?

abbreviation. /ˌem em ˈeɪ/ /ˌem em ˈeɪ/ ​mixed martial arts (= an extreme sport in which two people fight each other using the techniques of boxing, wrestling and martial arts)Topics Sports: other sportsc2.

What does MMA stand for in texting?

MMA means “Meet Me At“.

What does MMA stand for in business?

MMA in Business

2 MMA Money Market Account Finance, Rate, Banking
1 MMA Microwave Moisture Analyzer Product, Company, Technology
1 MMA Minnesota Medical Association Medical, Psychiatry, Healthcare
1 MMA Mixed Media Artist Art, Arts, Occupation
1 MMA Mobile Marketing Association Technology, Association, Advertising

What states is MMA illegal in?

In the Following States AMATEUR MMA Is ILLEGAL:

  • Colorado.
  • Connecticut.
  • North Dakota.
  • West Virginia.

How do u pronounce MMA?

Mma is pronounced “Ma,” with a gentle m sound and a shortish a.

What is the difference between MMA and UFC?

MMA Is the Sport. UFC Is the Major Organisation/Promotion Within That Sport. MMA stands for mixed martial arts. Essentially MMA is a full contact sport that allows the use of both striking and wrestling, both standing and on the ground.

What is a MMA fighters?

Mixed martial arts (MMA), sometimes referred to as cage fighting, is a full-contact combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting, incorporating techniques from various combat sports and martial arts from around the world.

Who is the best MMA fighter?

Top 10 MMA pound-for-pound fighter rankings

  1. Jon Jones (UFC, 26-1, 1 NC)
  2. Khabib Nurmagomedov (UFC, 29-0)
  3. Stipe Miocic (UFC, 20-3)
  4. Israel Adesanya (UFC, 20-0)
  5. Kamaru Usman (UFC, 17-1)
  6. Alexander Volkanovski (UFC, 22-1)
  7. Demetrious Johnson (One, 30-3-1)
  8. Deiveson Figueiredo (UFC, 21-1)
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What does MAA stand for?


Acronym Definition
MAA Marketing Authorization Application (FDA)
MAA Memorandum and Articles of Association (incorporation; various locations)
MAA Medical Assistance Administration
MAA Mathematical Analysis and Applications (journal)

What does MMA stand for in healthcare?


What does MNA mean in business?

MNA in Business

2 MNA Multi-National Account Microsoft, Accounting, Accountancy
1 MNA Management of New Arts Taiwan, Taipei, Arts
1 MNA Marga Nujyasumo Agung Surabaya, Indonesia, Sumo
1 MNA Master of Nonprofit Administration University, Education, Science
1 MNA Masters in Network Administration Networking, Technology, Course

What moves are illegal in MMA?

As set out by the Association of Boxing Commissions:

  • Grabbing the fence.
  • Holding opponent’s shorts or gloves.
  • Head-butting.
  • Biting or spitting at an opponent.
  • Hair pulling.
  • Fish-hooking.
  • Intentionally placing a finger into any orifice, or into any cut or laceration of an opponent.
  • Eye gouging of any kind.

Is UFC banned in 49 states?

MMA isn’t illegal in any U.S. state. New York just did a pro MMA event that was in the news a few months ago. There are 4 states where mixed martial arts is unregulated by a state athletic commission. They are New York, Connecticut, Montana, and Alaska.

Why is MMA bad?

MMA can be used for self-defense

It can even cause the most precious of our society, the children, to defend themselves against bullies. Some MMA techniques can lead to: choking someone unconscious, broken bones, dislocated joints, concussions, loss of consciousness, even death.

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