How Do Hotels Know If You Vape?

Hotels referred to it as a new air sensor with the ability to identify certain types of chemicals. Through the use of a sensor, the hotel is aware when you vape in your room. The sensor can determine whether or not a hotel room has a trace amount of nicotine or cannabis.

When you smoke in your room, a sensor at the hotel will alert the staff. It is possible for the sensor in a hotel room to detect the presence of nicotine and marijuana. When such chemicals are detected, the system will notify the hotel management. Smoking bans are effective when they are effectively enforced, and the device can be advantageous in some situations.

What is the best policy on vaping in a hotel room?

The best policy is to go outside if it is posted; if the laws of the place regard vaping to be the same as smoking, obtain a smoking room or go outside if the regulations of the area do not allow it. If there is nothing posted and the law does not prohibit it, it is acceptable to inquire.

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