FAQ: What is cake day on reddit?

What does the cake symbol mean on Reddit?

the cake symbol is your so called cake day, it’s when your Reddit account has a birthday, and it’s not linked with your actual birthday ( unless you created your account on your birthday ) 2. Share. Report Save.

How do I find my Reddit Cake Day?

To determine the day that you joined reddit, go to your profile, (eg ) find where it says “redditor for XX years” and hover your mouse over the section in the sidebar that says “XX years”. A tooltip will appear displaying the exact date and time of your account creation.

How do I change my cake day on Reddit?

Where exactly did you enter any dates when signing up for a reddit account? Either way, your cake day is the anniversary of when you created your account. You can’t change that without a time machine.

What does Cake Day mean?

The term “cake day” refers to an anniversary celebration – the term is most commonly used to describe the day of the year that a Reddit user opened his or her account. Although many attribute the origin of this term to the Reddit community, other platforms have begun to use it, such as Imgur.

What is the green cake on Reddit?

It celebrates the anniversary of you making your reddit account. Today is the anniversary of the day you first created your Reddit account (or the first day of posting within a few days of that date). Happy cake day!!!!

Why is there a cake next to my username?

Your Reddit “Cake Day” is the yearly anniversary of when you signed up on Reddit. It is typically represented by a little cake icon which appears next to your username on Reddit, and if it’s your cake day, other Redditors tend to be more generous with their upvotes!

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What is the average age of Reddit users?

Age: 45% are between the ages of 18 and 29, though users between 30–49 also represent a significant chunk (40%) of the Reddit audience. Education: 46% of Reddit app users have a college degree or higher, while 40% have a high school degree.

What does karma mean on Reddit?

A user’s karma reflects how much a user has contributed to the Reddit community by an approximate indication of the total votes a user has earned on their submissions (“post karma“) and comments (“comment karma“). When posts or comments get upvoted, that user gains some karma.

How do you know when it’s your cake day?

How do I find out when it’s my Cake Day? On desktop, check in your settings and look for the “Account Created” section at the very top. Simply tap on the profile icon in the bottom right and then you’ll see the date your account was created in your profile header. That’s your Cake Day!

How long is Reddit Cake Day?

Cakeday, aka cake day: The annual 24 hours which start the EXACT SECOND a user signed up for Reddit. NOT your birthday. You will not have a cakeday if you are not signed up.

How do you get cake day karma?

When it is someone’s cake day, a picture of a slice of cake shows up next to their username. Redditors are typically extra generous with their upvotes when it is someone’s cake day. A number of memes about cake day reference the surge in upvotes and Reddit karma that people can get on their cake day.

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How do I tell how old my Reddit account is?

Click on your username and it will be displayed on your userpage below your karma. If you use the app just press the little guy in the bottom right corner and then look in the upper right corner.

Is cake day your birthday?

Yourcake day” is the annivesary of the day you created your Reddit account. Technically, it’s your Reddit birthday. During this date, all day, a cake icon will appear next to your posts.

What is cake slang for?

Cake (Slang Meaning) Cake is a slang term which is often used to refer to a nice fat ass on a girl. Numerous hip hop artists have used it in their songs, in Kid Ink’s “Bad Ass” song, he raps “Now then let me see that cake, cake, cake, like Entenmann’s – Ass up, gon’ take it down like a sedative.”

What is say Happy Cake Day?

Whenever your Reddit account creation anniversary comes up and you comment, a little cake appears by your username. Other users can see it and then sayhappy cake day..” 24.

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