FAQ: What is a silhouette?

What does silhouette mean?

A silhouette (English: /ˌsɪluˈɛt/ SIL-oo-ET, French: [silwɛt]) is the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single colour, usually black, with its edges matching the outline of the subject.

What is a silhouette in fashion?


A common word used in the Fashion world is FASHION SILHOUETTE. When referring to the fashion silhouette, they are talking about the OUTLINE of the CLOTHING. Throughout time, fashion eras have been defined by the silhouette (the outline of the clothing). Below are the basic Silhouettes.

What is an example of a silhouette?

The definition of a silhouette is the outline or general shape of an object. An example of silhouette is a profile drawing of someone cut from black paper. Silhouette is defined as to create the general shape or outline of something. An example of silhouette is to create a sketch of a dress.

Is a silhouette a shadow?

What’s the difference between “Shadow” and “Silhouette“? A silhouette is a darkened shape or outline of something. A shadow is the darkened shape that occurs because of a light source being blocked.

What is the opposite of a silhouette?

The opposite of silhouette is an isolation on black. It would have a light foreground and no light in background. A silhouette is a dark or black foreground with a light background.

What are the three basic silhouettes?

There are three basic silhouettes — the sack, the European and the American cut. The sack suit covers a multitude of sins. The sack, or Brooks Brothers suit, has been the backbone of American clothing for more than 100 years.

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What is the most popular silhouette in 2020?

The top silhouettes for Spring/Summer 2020

  • Bra Tops. As the warmer months near, less becomes more and lengths get shorter.
  • Mens’ Shirting.
  • Sleeve-Y Wonder.
  • The Long And Short Of It.
  • Baby Doll.
  • Trenchin’ It Up.

What are the types of silhouettes?

1 Sheath silhouette

  • 1 Sheath silhouette.
  • 2 A line silhouette.
  • 3 Straight Column silhouette.
  • 4 Hour glass silhouette.
  • 5 Bell silhouette.
  • 6 Trumpet silhouette.
  • 7 Shoulder Wedge silhouette.
  • 8 Trapeze silhouette.

What is another word for Silhouette?

Some common synonyms of silhouette are contour, outline, and profile. While all these words mean “the line that bounds and gives form to something,” silhouette suggests a shape especially of a head or figure with all detail blacked out in shadow leaving only the outline clearly defined.

How do I take a silhouette picture?

10 Tips for Taking Stunning Silhouette Photos with Your Smartphone

  1. Shoot against the source of light.
  2. Find interesting and unique subjects.
  3. Only pay attention to the outline of your subjects.
  4. Set exposure manually.
  5. Capture movement.
  6. Hide the sun behind your subject.
  7. Look for interesting clouds.
  8. Take photos from a low angle.

How do you use silhouette in a sentence?

Silhouette in a Sentence

  1. The silhouette in my locket is an outline of my mother.
  2. Using his telescope, the man could see the woman’s silhouette through her curtain.
  3. From the building’s dark silhouette in the painting, I can recognize it as the tallest structure in the world.

What do you call a shadow?

A point source of light casts only a simple shadow, called an “umbra”. For a non-point or “extended” source of light, the shadow is divided into the umbra, penumbra, and antumbra. This is known as the shadow blister effect.

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