Why Does My Vape Juice Turn Dark?

  • It is possible for your vape juice to get discolored as a result of another chemical interaction between nicotine and air.
  • To make matters worse, nicotine is a very reactive molecule, which means that exposing it to air or even light can cause it to react, resulting in the recognizable brown hue of e-liquid.
  • However, this does not necessarily imply that your darkened vape juice has gone bad.

The reason why e-liquid begins to darken within the container is due to a chemical process known as oxidation, which occurs when the liquid is exposed to air. Nicotine is a very reactive molecule, and exposing it to air, or even light, may cause it to react, resulting in the formation of a brown hue in vape juice that is all too familiar.

Why does my juice get dark?

Because of the nicotine content in juices, they darken as they age. The use of heat and light will hasten this process. Your juice is perfectly OK. Keep it in a cold, dark location until you’re ready to use it. Division Bells is a band that I am familiar with because I attended their show in Dallas on both nights.

Why does my vape juice go bad so fast?

The sugars in your juice may be getting darker, and it may be accumulating on the wicks and coils, making it difficult to simply clear them out. That has been a source of contention for me in the past.

Why does the e juice in my tank turn black?

If there is an excessive amount of build-up, the muck will seep into the tank’s storage chamber, causing the E Juice contained inside it to become dark or black in color.

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