Vape Pen Blinking Red When Charging?

Vaping when the pen is blinking red indicates that your battery is running low (below 30 percent), and it’s time to recharge your device. Alternatively, if the red or another color blinking occurs when charging the pen, it just indicates that the charging is taking place.

Is Your Vape Pen Flashing Red? It’s time to refuel. A blinking red light indicates that it is time to recharge your vape battery while you are drawing on the device. It is critical to charge your vape battery with the appropriate voltage for the battery type.

How do I know if my vape pen is charging?

  • When you are vaping, it shows that your battery is at or near its maximum capacity.
  • (at least 70% of the total) When you are charging, the indicator shows that the charge is complete.
  • After pushing the power button three times continuously, the indicator light will begin to flicker green, indicating that the vape pen has been switched to high mode power output.
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