Company Background

Mind Right

MindRight is a safe, clean, and beautiful facility located in the Detroit metro area. Owned by veterans who deeply care about helping others, our staff is extremely helpful, friendly, and seek to educate patients about the medical use of marijuana.

A portion of all of your donations made at MindRight go towards services and events to support our local veterans. Stop by to see what we are doing and volunteer for the next event. Patients know they are not only getting the medicine they need but also supporting our local veterans.

Here are some of our core values to uphold a great reputation and friendly environment:

Safety – Our medical cannabis is tested by a local cannabis-testing laboratory in order to ensure safe and clean meds for our patients.

Trust – Every time a patient comes to MindRight they can trust our quality, service, and knowledge.

Compassion – We genuinely care about our patients on a personal level, and we never settle on getting our patients anything less than the service they need.

We provide the details of the laboratory analysis to our patients, so that they are educated about the medicinal qualities of the marijuana that best meets their needs.The MindRight facility is advanced, clean, and safe for all patients.

MindRight is owned by veterans, and we take great care of veterans in our area, with special services to thank them for their sacrifice and service to our country. We work to provide the best possible experience to our patients, and we are open to feedback about becoming better for our patients and our community. We care deeply about our patients and love to get to know them.