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Why Does My Vape Juice Turn Dark In My Tank?

Over time, gunk from previous coils and e-liquid might create a residue on the coils and e-liquid.If this accumulation is not removed on a regular basis, it will begin to darken any fresh juice that is introduced to your tank, which will also begin to impact the flavor.By thoroughly cleaning your vape tank after each coil change, you can guarantee that you’re receiving the best possible performance and taste out of your device.

Why does my vape juice get dark?

It is possible for your vape juice to get discolored as a result of another chemical interaction between nicotine and air. To make matters worse, nicotine is a very reactive molecule, which means that exposing it to air or even light can cause it to react, resulting in the recognizable brown hue of e-liquid.

Why does the e juice in my tank turn black?

If there is an excessive amount of build-up, the muck will seep into the tank’s storage chamber, causing the E Juice contained inside it to become dark or black in color.

Does vape juice turn brown with age?

A very faint brown coloration does develop in nicotine e-liquid for DIY mixing over time, but this is due to the presence of other substances, particularly flavorings, rather than nicotine. Many vapers purposefully expose new vape juice to heat, light, and air to see whether the flavor changes, and they are right.

What is this black stuff on my vape coil?

It is simply a buildup of muck on the coil. It is not harmful, but it has the potential to change the flavor of your juice. You have two options: either replace the coil or attempt to clean it. You will most likely be able to locate a plethora of videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to accomplish either choice.

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