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When is fantasy fest in key west?

Is Fantasy Fest 2020 Cancelled?

Fantasy Fest 2020 has been Cancelled

With the changing Covid-19 regulations, increasing cases, and current CDC Guidelines, the world is anything but normal and predictable.

What is the theme for Fantasy Fest 2020?

Key West Fantasy Fest 2020 – Roaring 2020s and Future Fictions. The Key West Fantasy Fest theme is Roaring 2020s and Future Fictions.

Is there a Fantasy Fest this year?

The 2021 Annual Fantasy Fest is a 10-day celebration that is scheduled to take place October 22 to 31, 2021 in Key West, Florida. This iconic event started simply as a way to draw attention to the tiny island in the middle of October when tourism was notoriously slow.

What is Fantasyfest?

Fantasy Fest is an annual Key West street party held each year during the last week of October, originally founded in 1979 by island residents Joe Liszka, Frank Romano, Tony Falcone, and Bill Conkle.

What should I wear to Fantasy Fest?

Clothing is optional; costumes are not.

There is a carefree, clothing-optional spirit in Key West. However, for Fantasy Fest you’ll wear costumes every day, and people take them very, very, very seriously. Do not slack off, these aren’t your I-slapped-something-together-last-night-and-added-a-boa costumes.

Can you get into Key West?

To get to Key West, you have to drive the entire length of the Florida Keys Overseas Highway, 113 miles, passing through a myriad of other islands – Key Largo, Islamorada, Fat Deer, and Big Pine, just to name a few. The Cheeca Lodge on Islamorada, for example.

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What celebrities live in Key West?

Here’s a list of musicians, writers, sitting presidents, celebrities and baseball player who have all called Key West home.

  • Judy Blume, author.
  • Jimmy Buffett, singer songwriter.
  • Bronson Arroyo, baseball player.
  • Ernest Hemingway, author.
  • Harry S.
  • Sandy Cornish, civic leader.
  • Wallace Stevens, poet.
  • Shel Silverstein, author.

What is the best time to go to Key West?

The best time to visit Key West is between March and May. The winter crowds will taper off, the hotel rates become reasonable and the weather is remarkably similar to winter’s blissful 70s and 80s. Speaking of winter – that season is the island’s busiest and priciest.

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