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What Is The Best Vape Flavor?

  1. The following are the top 12 most popular vape juice flavors: Menthol
  2. MIST Originals – Menthol
  3. Ohm Brew – Cappuccino Nic Salt
  4. Ohm Brew – Espresso Nic Salt
  5. Blizzard MIST MTL Shortfills
  6. MIST MTL Shortfills
  7. Seriously Fruity – Strawberry Kiwi
  8. Seriously Fruity – Mango
  9. Seriously
  10. Heisenberg is the subject of Koncept XIX.
  11. The flavors of Ohm Boy Nic Salts include rhubarb, raspberry, and orange blossom.
  12. Nasty Juice is a term used to describe a type of juice that is harmful to one’s health. Nasty Salts – ASAP Grape Nic Salt
  13. Nasty Salts – ASAP Grape Nic Salt

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