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Readers ask: When was the last time the cubs were in the playoffs?

Did the Cubs make the playoffs in 2020?

The Cubs clinched a playoff berth on September 22, 2020, when the Philadelphia Phillies were swept in a doubleheader. This marked the Cubs‘ fifth playoff appearance in the previous six years. Four days later, they clinched the National League Central Division title for the first time since 2017.

Did the Cubs make the playoffs in 2018?

On September 26, the Cubs clinched a trip to the postseason for the fourth year in a row, marking the longest streak in franchise history. Instead, they hosted the Wild Card Game against the Colorado Rockies, but the Cubs lost 2–1 in 13 innings.

How many times have the Chicago Cubs been in the playoffs?

Since the start of divisional play in 1969, the Cubs have appeared in the postseason ten times through the 2019 season.

Did the Cubs make the playoffs in 2015?

The 2015 National League Championship Series was a best-of-seven playoff contested between the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets for the National League (NL) pennant and the right to play in the 2015 World Series. The Mets swept the Cubs four games to none for their fifth National League pennant in franchise history.

What day is Cubs home opener 2020?

CHICAGO (WLS) — The Chicago Cubs and White Sox announced their 2020 60-Game regular season schedule Monday. Both teams will open at home on July 24.

What day is the Cubs home opener?

The Cubs will open the 2021 season Thursday, April 1, 2021 against the Pirates at Wrigley Field.

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Are Cubs still in the playoffs?

The Chicago Cubs have been knocked out of the playoffs after a 2-0 loss to the Miami Marlins in Game 2 of the Wild Card Series on Friday afternoon.

Did the Chicago Cubs clinch a playoff spot?

UPDATE: The Cubs clinched the Central Division title thanks to the Cardinals’ loss to the Brewers Saturday. The Chicago Cubs clinched their playoff berth earlier this week, but now they’re trying to lock up the third seed in the National League standings by capturing the Central Division title.

Who was on the Cubs World Series team?

Chicago Cubs over Cleveland Indians (4-3)

What years were the Cubs in the playoffs?

MLB Team History – Chicago Cubs Season Results

Postseason Results
2015 League Divisional Series St. Louis Cardinals
2015 Wild Card Game Pittsburgh Pirates
2008 League Divisional Series Los Angeles Dodgers

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