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Question: When two or more organizations combine to become one, it is referred to as a:?

What is included in an organization’s task environment?

The task environment consists of specific dimensions of the organization’s surroundings that are very likely to influence the organization. It also consists of five elements: competitors, customers, suppliers, regulators, and strategic partners.

Which of the following is part of an organizations general environment?

The general environment consists of the economy and the technological, socio-cultural, and political/legal trends that indirectly affect all organizations.

Which dimension of the general environment represents the demographic characteristics norms customs and values of the population within which the organization operates?

The sociocultural dimension of the general environment represents the demographic characteristics as well as the norms, customs, and values of the general population.

What is true of companies that fall into quadrant A?

In today’s business environment, companies are most likely to build a consistency culture. In the quadrants of organizational performance and culture, Quadrant A represents organizations that are focused primarily on bottom-line results and pay little attention to organizational values.

What is internal and external environment?

Meaning. Internal Environment refers to all the inlying forces and conditions present within the company, which can affect the company’s working. External Environment is a set of all the exogenous forces that have the potential to affect the organization’s performance, profitability, and functionality. Nature.

What are the internal and external factors that affect an organization?

What are external factors? The economy, politics, competitors, customers, and even the weather are all uncontrollable factors that can influence an organization’s performance. This is in comparison to internal factors such as staff, company culture, processes, and finances, which all seem within your grasp.

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What are the two types of external organizational environments?

The two kinds of external organizational environments are the general environment and the specific environment.

Which of the following is a part of an organizations external environment?

The external environment includes these six broad external conditions that may affect the organization: economic, political/legal, sociocultural, demographic, technological, and global conditions.

Which of the following is an example of an internal stakeholder?

Internal stakeholders are entities within a business (e.g., employees, managers, the board of directors, investors).

Which type of conflict occurs when there is conflict between two or more roles?

Interrole conflict occurs when individuals have multiple roles, mainly dealing with work responsibilities, that interfere with family and life responsibilities. Thus competing demands from work and family result in interrole conflict. There is work-to-family conflict (WFC) and there is family-to-work conflict (FWC).

How an organization goes about accomplishing a plan is a key part of the management function of?

How an organization goes about accomplishing a plan is a key part of the management function of controlling. The use of influence to motivate employees to achieve the organization’s goals refers to controlling.

Which of the following roles is assumed by people and or departments that link and coordinate the organization with key elements in external environment?

boundary-spanning roles Roles assumed by people and/or departments that link and coordinate the organization with key elements in the external environment.
ceremony A planned activity at a special event that is conducted for the benefit of an audience.

What are the 4 time quadrants?

The four quadrants of the Covey Time Management Matrix

  • Quadrant 1: Urgent and important.
  • Quadrant 2: Not urgent but important.
  • Quadrant 3: Urgent but not important.
  • Quadrant 4: Not urgent and not important.
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What are the 4 quadrants?

The Four Abdominal Quadrants

The four quadrants are easy to remember because they consist of a left upper quadrant (LUQ), left lower quadrant (LLQ), right upper quadrant (RUQ), and right lower quadrant (RLQ).

What are the four quadrants of life?

Four Quadrant Living shows readers how to take responsibility for their own health by providing logically organized and easily implemented ideas and suggestions for nourishing the “four quadrants” of our lives-Mind, Body, Relationships, and Environment.

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