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Often asked: When is aretha’s funeral?

Where was Aretha’s funeral?

Franklin’s funeral service at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, was filled with fitting musical tributes for the Queen of Soul and complimentary words about her musicianship, her civil-rights influence and her life.

How long was Aretha’s funeral?

‘She gave us pride and a regal bar to reach’: Everything that happened at Aretha Franklin’s 8-hour funeral.

Who sang at Aretha’s funeral?

Friday’s funeral service will feature performances from a star-studded list of artists—and that’s only fitting, given how influential Franklin was to multiple generations of musicians. Confirmed to perform are Ariana Grande, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Faith Hill, Chaka Khan, Shirley Caesar, and Yolanda Adams.

Who preached Aretha Franklin’s funeral?

at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. The Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., senior pastor of Salem Baptist Church, delivered Franklin’s eulogy at her funeral at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple on Friday.

How many pink Cadillacs are at Aretha’s funeral?

Over 100 Pink Cadillacs Turn Out for Aretha Franklin’s Funeral. Of all the motor vehicles that have been lionized in popular music, none has carried more lyrical and atmospheric impact than the Cadillac.

How much money did Aretha Franklin leave behind?

Millions of dollars, of course. Franklin’s estate was estimated to be worth $17 million as of last summer, although Bennett says she owed $8 million in taxes at the time of her death.

What happened to Aretha Franklin’s mother?

Contrary to popular public belief, Aretha’s mother did not abandon her children. Aretha recalled seeing her mother in Buffalo during the summer, and Barbara also frequently visited her children in Detroit. Aretha’s mother died in 1952, before her tenth birthday.

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