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How To Stop Vape From Spitting?

In order to deal with spitback as quickly as possible, you should briefly increase the wattage or temperature of your device until the flooding and gurgling ceases, and then return to your usual vaping temperature. Flooding and spitting will be handled by this fix the majority of the time! Increase the wattage for a short period of time to evaporate any remaining e-liquid.

  1. Flirt with the tank.
  2. Remove any surplus liquid from the center post of your tank.
  3. Before taking a breath, turn on your battery.
  4. Reduce the amount of air you breathe in or take smaller inhales.
  5. Increase the volume of the music.
  6. Don’t prime your coil more than necessary.
  7. Make use of an e-liquid that has more VG.
  8. Cover your mouthpiece with your hand

How do I get a smooth spit free vape?

Also, play about with the airflow of the tank, allowing as much air as is comfortable for you to produce a smooth, spit-free vape while maintaining a tight seal.

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