About vapes

How To Draw A Vape?

For a few seconds, slowly pull vapor into your mouth from your nose. Keep the vapor in your closed mouth for a second or two longer if possible. Open your mouth and inhale the vapor into your lungs (this is not a ″swallow″). After the vapor has entered the lungs, exhale.

Why can’t I get a good vape draw?

When you draw forcefully on your vape pen, the wicks absorb more concentrate than the coil can evaporate, resulting in a cloudy vape. An excessive amount of oil overflows into the tank and blocks the ventilation apertures. Can’t seem to get a pull from your vape? Examine the battery contact; it may be blocked or covered with a coating.

How does a vape pen work?

As you take a draw from your vape, drawing air through it, the atomizer in your vape will automatically activate, heating your vape material and causing it to generate vapor. Once you have finished drawing from the vape pen, it will automatically switch off.

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