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FAQ: When was maplestory released?

Is MapleStory Still Alive 2020?

MapleStory is still alive and kicking.

Why did MapleStory 2 die?

Nexon to close down MapleStory 2 global servers this spring

The shutdown is ultimately due to the fact that the game, and its more recent rework, have failed to live up to expectations and will see the global servers, website, forums, and Discord server for MapleStory 2 turned off later this spring.

When did MapleStory come out in America?

Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release KOR: April 29, 2003 JP: December 3, 2003 NA: May 11, 2005 TW: June 1, 2005 SEA: June 23, 2005 EU: April 12, 2007 THA: October 31, 2017
Genre(s) Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Is MapleStory a dead game?

We are close to the big winter update and that’s when the game feels alive. Maplestory is more like a seasonal game unless you want to commit to log everyday. Yes, considering the past, Maplestory is quite dead.

Is MapleStory 2 dead?

End of service. On March 18, 2020, MapleStory 2 Japan and West’s management team announced that the game’s Japanese and Global services respectively would be closed permanently as of May 27, 2020. The game continues service in Korea and China.

Is MapleStory 2 still playable?

The global servers for MapleStory 2 will be closing on May 27, according to a notice posted to the game’s website. MapleStory 2’s global server launched in October 2018, meaning the game is going down less than two years since its initial launch.

Is MapleStory 2 better than MapleStory?

In MapleStory 2, there’s no need to stay on one map and grind monsters for hours on end like in the original game. This makes the game harder than the original MapleStory, but the skill rotations you need to do to keep your spirit up aren’t complicated, like some other MMOs.

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Is MapleStory still fun?

Maplestory is another extremely long-running MMORPG that plays more like a side-scroller. It’s really unique and a ton of fun for anyone looking for a cute chibi-like game that has a ton of content. Maplestory lost a lot of its player base in recent years but still has a fairly big fanbase. 3 дня назад

Is MapleStory still popular in Korea?

Maplestory is now the 4th most played game in Korea behind PUBG, LoL, and Overwatch.

Is Cadena good MapleStory?

Very good at mobbing and hitting multiple platforms. Has both vertical and horizontal movement skills. Has a free teleport to Pantheon with beginner warp skill.

Why is it called MapleStory?

But unlike the examples you cited, “Maplestory” is a combination of two words, “maple” and “story”, both of which mean something.

What is the strongest class in MapleStory?

As you can see, the strongest class is Angelic Buster, with Pathfinder and Cadena rounding out the top 3. The weakest class is Bishop, followed by Ice/Lightning Archmage and Phantom, in terms of DPS.

Is MapleStory going to shut down?

The closure of MapleStory 2 was announced on the MapleStory 2 website on March 19, 2020. According to the statement written by the developers, service will be discontinued and shut down completely on March 27, 2020.

What happens when you die in MapleStory?

If you die by another player outside of an arena, you lose exp, drop a level if your experience is already low enough, and hold the chance of dropping an equipped item, even if it is an extremely rare item.

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