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Ep-4 what should you always do when a person falls overboard?

What is the first thing to do if you see someone go overboard?

Step one: The first thing to do if you see someone go overboard is shout “MAN OVERBOARD” as loud as you can along with a port (left) or starboard (right) location. You need to keep your eyes on the victim at all times, so channel your inner drill sergeant and scream.

What should you avoid if someone falls overboard?

Most falls overboard can be avoided

Slow down and throw something buoyant to the person overboard. This will also mark the spot if they submerge. Assign one person to keep an eye out on the victim as they point continuously to their location.

What to do if someone falls off a boat?

What to Do If Someone Falls off Your Boat

  1. Yell “Man Overboard”
  2. Stop the Boat.
  3. Hit the MOB Button.
  4. Throw a Flotation Device.
  5. Assign Crew Roles.
  6. Navigate Back to the MOB.
  7. Retrieve the Man Overboard.
  8. Contact Emergency Services.

What do you say if a woman falls overboard?

What do you say when a woman falls overboard? Paul Lynde: “Full steam ahead!”

Will a cruise ship stop if someone falls overboard?

Do Cruise Ships Stop if You Fall Overboard? If a guest on a cruise ship falls overboard the cruise ship will stop and turn back to look for the passenger. It can take a cruise ship up to a mile to stop. The ship will spend several hours looking for the missing passenger and other ships may also join in the search.

What should you always do when someone falls overboard?

If a Passenger Falls Overboard

  1. Reduce speed and toss the victim a PFD—preferably a throwable type—unless you know he or she is already wearing a PFD.
  2. Turn your boat around and slowly pull alongside the victim, approaching the victim from downwind or into the current, whichever is stronger.
  3. Stop the engine.
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Where is the best place on a boat to bring a person who has fallen overboard?

As soon as someone notices a person falling into or flailing in the water, he or she should point to the individual and shout “Man Overboard!” followed by “Port Side!” or “Starboard Side!” depending on whether the person is on the left (Port) or right (Starboard) side of the boat.

What should you do until help arrives if you fall overboard while not wearing a PFD?

If You Capsize, Swamp, or Fall Overboard

  1. If you made the mistake of not wearing a lifejacket or PFD, find one and put it on. If you can‘t put it on, hold onto it.
  2. Take a head count.
  3. If your pleasure craft remains afloat, try to reboard or climb onto it in order to get as much of your body out of the cold water as possible.

What should you do immediately if a boat catches fire?

If a Fire Erupts on Your Boat

  1. Stop the boat if you are underway.
  2. Position the boat so that the fire is downwind.
  3. If the fire is in an engine space, shut off the fuel supply.
  4. Aim the fire extinguisher at the base of the flames, and sweep back and forth.
  5. Never use water on a gasoline, oil, grease, or electrical fire.

How do you get back into a boat after falling out?

You can get back into the boat after falling overboard by tying a small rope ladder on any side of the boat(port or starboard side), before starting the boat ride. If you don’t have rope ladder, then tie a rope in U-shape on any side of the boat. So, you can put your leg on the rope for support.

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Should firearms be transported in a boat?

The same rules apply as when transporting firearms in a vehicle—unload and case firearms before you board or leave the boat. The action should be open or the gun broken down, whichever makes the firearm safest. Next, place the second unloaded firearm in the stern (rear) of the boat with its muzzle pointing rearward.

What should you do first if you run your boat aground?

If Your Boat Runs Aground

  1. Don’t put the boat in reverse. Instead, stop the engine and lift the outdrive.
  2. Shift the weight to the area farthest away from the point of impact.
  3. Try to shove off from the rock, bottom, or reef with a paddle or boathook.
  4. Check to make sure your boat is not taking on water.

What are the factors that affect recovery of person overboard?

Factors that affects recovery

  • C: Capability of your engine plant.
  • A: Assistance from crew and other vessels around.
  • L: Limitations by weather; visibility, sea state, currents.
  • M: Manoeuvring characteristics of your vessel.
  • E: Experience of crew and level of training.
  • R: Recovery method to be used.

Is Man Overboard a Mayday?

A Man Overboard (MOB) situation is one of the most traumatic events on-board any vessel. Nevertheless, it is not always a MAYDAY situation. The choice of MAYDAY or PAN PAN for Man Overboard (MOB) situations is a judgment call made by the skipper at the time of the incident.

What is the signal of man overboard?

When a man falls overboard, the man overboard alarm sound signal is activated on the ship. The MOB alarm sound signal comprises of vessel’s internal alarm bell for 3 long rings to notify the crew onboard, along with 3 long blasts on ship whistle to inform the other ships in the nearby vicinity.

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